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Designed with both form and function in mind, CarWink sets out to break the boundary between vehicles by using simple and pure communication methods. Gone are the days of rude hand gestures, sailor mouths and reckless driving. With CarWink’s hands-free voice control, drivers can now use a wide variety of emojis to communicate with one another. Want to signal an accident ahead? CarWink. Want to give gratitude for lane change? CarWink. Let CarWink help you reignite your purpose for the road!



CarWink says hello to the world.
CarWink says hello to the world.





Purposeful Communication   

A Whole New Way

CarWink’s unique emoji feature allows drivers to select from a wide range of pre-set phrases to be shared through fun and cute images with others on the road. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and let CarWink be your voice to the drivers behind you.

Voice Control

The Voice Is Strong With This One

Not long ago in a galaxy not so far away… comes a device unlike any other. Activated by the power of your voice, this device sets out to transform your words into lights… CarWink’s voice control allows drivers to experience seamless driving. All you have to do is sync your CarWink device with the mobile App and everything is ready to go. What more can we say but, “CarWink. I am your father!”

CarWink Emojis

Solar Powered

Harvesting The Power of The Sun

“With great power comes great responsibility!” Not only is CarWink powered by USB, our love for renewable energy called for an additional power source from the Sun. CarWink’s built-in solar panel allow for passive energy harvesting and extended usage time. Go forth mighty roadwarrior, drive to your heart’s content. Gosh! No wonder Superman called and asked for his ability back…

Portable and Convenient

CarWink was designed to be your perfect little companion when on the road. Designed in a small spherical shape that resembles that of a dot, CarWink is made to be portable. It doesn’t matter if it’s your car, your parent’s car, or a rental, CarWink is with you every mile of the way.

Like a true companion, take CarWink wherever you go.

Holy Accessorization Batman!

Step aside Batman, your utility belt is no longer needed. The team will be releasing a series of add-on accessories for users to style their CarWink to match their unique style. Put a cat ear on your CarWink to give it some sass or put on a pair of glasses to give it class. Stand out above the rest. Accessorize your CarWink to give it that one-of-a-kind style!




Design Detail


Tech Specification

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