Earband : World’s 1st Two In One Smart Bracelet

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Digital and big data age are today’s life for everybody. Personal Health’s data is not only one of the most important information but also can save people’ life. Today, nobody can live without a smartphone is also some iconic personal belongings. Earband V-08 will guaranteed do both for you, make your daily life so easy and convenient.

Living today’s digital and big data age is absolutely made our life much easier but we all have two hands how to carry smart devices and use it as needed reduce our space as much as possible and use it easily and quickly is the idea and goal to make this two in one smart bracelet turning in to a good and affordable product.

Taking care fitness and health, Taking care phone calls and much more…..

Duet Earband V08 will guarantee do both for you, make your daily life so easy and convenient.

Pedometer, Calories, Blood pressure, Heart rate and more…..

Monitor your steps, distance, calories, heart rate and blood pressure 24 hours a day and all the information can be accessed at any time as you like to.

Sleep Monitoring

Segmented sleep monitoring record every section of your sleep. sleep or wake can also be measured…….

Put on the earbud to answer, put it back to hang up.

Pick up the earbud to answer automatically, The touch function can control mute or hand up in coming call if the satiation is inconvenient to answer.

What is in the box:

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