Funxim: Affordable Fast Wireless Charging Pad For Apple Fans

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Funxim is the first Qi standard fast wireless charging pad on the market designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch. With a charging conversion rate of over 80%, you can charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time with ultra speed.

This stylish Funxim is not only able to charge your iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but also supports Apple watch and Android devices. A Qi-standard fast wireless charger pad offers 80% charging efficiency, Funxim is designed for the exceptional fast wireless charging experience.





Funxim wireless charging pad supports the Qi fast wireless charging standard, simply need to place your iPhone 8/iPhone X and Apple Watch on the charging pad. No cables or USB interface required.


Do you use your iPhone with phone case on? With Funxim, you don’t need to have your case removed; its transmission is powerful enough to penetrate the case while maintaining a charging efficiency of over 80%! Your phone can be protected 24/7 from now on!


Funxim wireless charging pad allows you to charge your iPhone 8/iPhone X and Apple watch on one pad simultaneously; you will never have different wireless chargers all over the place.



Achieving over 80% efficiency, Funxim wireless charging pad makes your life so much easier. Simply put your phone on the charging pad, Funxim powers up your mobile devices immediately.


Funxim not only gives you a genuine wireless living, its stylish design blends in beautifully with your surroundings, a perfect match for your iPhone.


We wanted to create an elegant, affordable charging pad which matches the aesthetics of iPhone 8 & iPhone X, and at the same time it can charger your Apple Watch too! This is why we decided to develop the Funxim Wireless Charging Pad.

We built this project with love and passion and we devoted a lot of time and effort into this project. We continue to work hard and carry out this idea we had, and finally, the Funxim Wireless Charging Pad is here for you.




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 Apple watch charger (Magnetic charge cable) excluded


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