StarkBoard – Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard

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Welcome to the future of mobility!

The StarkBoard is the first of its kind. A board that comes with intelligent weight and motion sensors, propelling it forward with just a slight tilt of your body. Step on, lean forward and ride. Hands free. Master a new generation of travel in just 3 minutes!

No remote needed, you are the controller!


Riding the StarkBoard you never have to use a remote control or other annoying control devices. NO distraction. NO connection errors. Simply enjoy the ride. From an amazing high speed race to fast braking maneuvers, the StarkBoard is completely controlled by your bodies natural movements.



Master a new generation of travel in just 3 minutes!

The StarkBoard is controlled by a custom gyroscope sensor and multiple weight and motions sensors. Once you accelerate, the speed control monitoring system tracks all your body movements and continuously assists while riding.



Designed to ride smoothly through your city and conquer every obstacle, the StarkBoard is up to 4X faster than walking and ALWAYS faster than waiting in traffic. With top speeds of 20 mph and 12 miles of range on a single battery, boring routines become exhilarating adventures.




To make our StarkBoard fast and powerful we developed an extra large electric hub motor. You can reach top speeds of 20mph even on rough terrains, carry heavy items and handle any obstacle without thinking twice about it. The StarkBoard is equipped with extra large wheels that contain two powerful hub motors.

Powerful Stark Mobility Dual Hub Motor

Our custom HUB motors can propel you forward on up to 15% inclines. The intelligent braking system prevents your board from rolling downhill and can even bring you to a complete stop on a decline.



The integrated sensor system allows you to quickly accelerate, brake in an instant and even go reverse. As soon as you step of your StarkBoard the sensors will activate the braking system instantaneously to make sure that you are safe and to keep your board within reach.



Removable Battery Pack

We designed the StarkBoard battery to be easily removed. Going on an extended ride of more than 12 miles and got range anxiety? No worries! Simply bring a second battery pack.

Safety First

The StarkBoard uses only certified high quality lithium cells. All our batteries are tested and are in compliance with the UN38.3 and UL2272 worldwide industry standards. Tesla uses the same type of 18650 batteries cells.

Durable Canadian Maple Ply, ABS Plastic & Forged Steel

Bright LED Lights keep you safe in the dark!



Your StarkBoard comes ready to go and pre-charged. You won’t need a remote, no APP or anything else needed to get started. However if you want to take modify your StarkBoard riding experience or adjust the boards max speed to your individual riding style, you can download our StarkBoard APP.

Driving Modes: Choose from three driving modes to match your level and style. Beginner, Normal and Master.

Battery Control: Never run out of juice, know the exact status of your battery at all times.

Location Tracking: Track your route, distance, average speed and more!

Stealth Mode: Control the LED lights. Turn them off entirely and enter stealth mode. No one will even know that you are on an electric board.

Bluetooth Connection: Sync with Bluetooth to see sensor status and motor temperature. The APP is also used for future over-the-air software & firmware updates.



Hitting the streets just for fun or heading to work? No problem! We designed the board for everyday use. All electronic components are rugged, dust and splash proof with an IP62 rating.



Making a new type of electronic skateboard is much more than just fitting some existing parts together. Every little detail and component choice makes a huge difference when it comes to the final product. With the StarkBoard we based our design and material choices on proven technologies and then incorporated our our own control system and style. We hope you love it as much as we do!


For production we use a durable combination of Canadian Maple Ply, ABS plastic, Aluminum and Forged Steel parts to guarantee the lightest weight, toughest grip and best quality that an electric Skateboard at this price point could have.

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