The World’s Most Durable Wearable Camera

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About Caply

Caply tends to be the world’s most lasting wearable camera that can continuously record for more than 5 hours of videos. With the revolutionary low energy consuming technology, Caply can stand by for more than 120 hours and 24 hours time-lapse recording. Additionally, it supports streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, and anti-shake technology to be truly portable and durable in everyday lifelogging. Let Caply be your trustworthy travel and lifelogging companion.


Touching Control — Caply Start Recording

Swipe to start/end recording

Abandon the old school mechanic pressing button style. Maximally enhance the user experience and extend the life of button. Simply swipe upward to turn on, and swipe downward to turn off.

Comparing with traditional stream camera 

For most of us, in most of the time we do not really need an expensive camcorder for live-streaming. Especially in today’s environment, a truly portable and affordable solution with a low threshold of getting in would be just more than awesome.

The regular cameras are just ugly that usually can not integrate into the environment. These type of live cameras will just be replaced by the phone off. As Caply is extremely durable and lasting, lifelogging for a long period of time will not be a wild dream.

Ex. GoPro 6 only last for about 2 hours video recording.

Truly Portable and Wearable

Caply is not only a live-camera but also a companion to your life and journey. Good looking appearance, lightweight volume, easy to use wearable accessories for Caply beyond portable and wearable.

Man on the Journey — Daily lifelogging

Beyond portable & Truly Portable

Durability — Large Memory,Long Battery Durability

1. Maximum memory support 128GB, the battery can support 5 hours recording, 24 hours shooting, standby 120 hours

2. Suitable for outdoor photography, life travel


Hardware Specs

 Application & Scenarios

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