Raji: An Ancient Epic Is An Action/Adventure Game Infused With Hindu & Balinese Myth

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Raji: An Ancient Epic features architecture inspired by the medieval period in India, monsters drawn from the demonic statues and sculptures of Bali, and combat powers granted by gods of the Hindu religion, giving players a tour through Indian and Indonesian art and belief in the form of an action/adventure game.

Raji: An Ancient Epic follows title character Raji on a quest to bring back her brother after he’s been kidnapped by demons during a raid. Granted power by the Goddess Durga, Raji is given the strength to beat down demons, and through gaining favor with other Hindu gods, she’ll gain new powers over lightning, fire, ice, earth, and rage, allowing players to customize the devastating attacks she can use on these creatures.

Players will be using these powers on creatures like Rangda, a demonic queen from Balinese mythology, as well as other demons inspired by the art of Bali. These creatures will be fought in the colossal, moss-covered palaces from India’s medieval period, creating locales that are breathtaking in scope and in their colorful artwork.

Raji: An Ancient Epic aims to infuse all aspects of play, music, and environment with the culture of India and Indonesia, giving players a wonderful look at their unique art as they fight monsters in challenging 3D combat.

For more information on Raji: An Ancient Epic, you can head to the developer’s site, the game’s site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also donate to the game’s Kickstarter, or download a demo from IndieDB/Steam.

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