HyVibe – The World’s First Smart Acoustic Guitar

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The HyVibe Guitar is the World’s First Smart Acoustic Guitar. It uses a vibration control system, high-speed processor, and Bluetooth module to become its own amplifier, connected speaker, recorder, looper, and multi-effect board.

Having all these tools built into a high-quality acoustic guitar will change the way you play. It will make you a better player and inspire you to create more music.

We have been working on this project for over 7 years. It is finally ready for you to try!


The First Connected Smart Acoustic Guitar

The Hyvibe is the first Smart Acoustic Guitar! Our real time vibration control technology enhance the acoustic sound and the volume of the guitar, allows you to add effects and to play music, all of this using the body of the guitar as a speaker!

The App

The HyVibe Guitar is a connected guitar that can be controlled by our Android & iOS mobile applications in real time! The app allows you to perform more complex functions such as creating your own effects, sharing recordings, effect presets, changing acoustic settings with our equalizer, managing your backing tracks, and programming banks/presets on your guitar.


HyVibe Inside

User Interface

HyVibe Demos

What is a Smart Guitar?

HyVibe Guitar Effects Sampler: an overview of what the HyVibe Guitar can do

HyVibe Reverb Effect, performed by Ben Rungsrithong
HyVibe Tremolo Effect, performed by Slim & The Beast
The HyVibe Guitar in a live performance, with Ash Orphan
Check out the record and playback feature!

Many more friends have played and LOVED the HyVibe Guitar…


What’s Under the Hood?

Our patent-pending technology is based on vibration control. Our system combines sensors, multiple actuators, embedded algorithms, and a PCB designed to be the fastest sound card in the world.

Our low latency system allows us to control feedback and transform the natural vibrations of the guitar from the top plate, by the bridge where the instrument performs best.

This sets us apart from anything else on the market today.

Simplified description of vibration control technology on resonance transformation:


Guitar Specifications

The HyVibe ‘Inside’ Story

Our Story


Our story begins in 2010. Adrien was in his apartment in Camden Town, London. He put an actuator connected to his smart phone on top of his acoustic guitar. He realized a huge potential for exciting acoustic guitars, but also felt disappointed by the sound quality that he heard.

This inspired him to create a research project at Ircam. This evolved into the Ircam SmartInstrument Project. During this project Adrien led a growing team of 10 researchers, engineers, musicians and technicians dedicated to knowledge an music creation with vibration control technology.  It was here that Adrien met Francois Beaulier who is also a Co-Founder of HyVibe

After 7 years of research and some incredible breakthroughs, Adrien wanted to develop musical instruments that he could share with the entire world. Together with Matthew Volsky who Adrien met through a childhood friend, the three started in HyVibe in early 2017 and have been working on the HyVibe Guitar ever since.


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