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No more boring commutes or fumbling with our phones in the car! Introducing Muse, a small Bluetooth accessory that brings Amazon Alexa to the car. We can finally be productive and entertained while keeping our eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

After selling over 1 million units of their Melody product, the Speak Music team is excited to launch Muse on Indiegogo. Pre-order yours and help make driving fun and safe for everyone. Production has begun and we’ll be shipping in December.

Muse is a small Bluetooth device that brings the power and convenience of Amazon Alexa to the car. Just plug it in, pair with your smartphone and say “Alexa”.

With Muse in your car, you can ask Alexa to play your music, news, and audiobooks, control your garage door or home security, manage your to-dos, take care of shopping, and more, all with your voice! It is the perfect holiday gift for gadget lovers.

Pre-order now! We have limited quantities available for December shipment.

Muse is featured at the Target Open House in San Francisco. If you are in the area, come experience it first-hand!


What would you do if you had an intelligent and highly versatile assistant in your car? Unlike your phone’s native assistant, Alexa does not ask you to unlock your phone. It has over 25,000 skills that work with just your voice.


Muse offers the best hands and eyes-free audio entertainment in the car without requiring a paid music subscription. Voice control music from your favorite artists, popular radio stations, millions of podcasts with free services like iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

Muse uses your iPhone or Android phone’s standard data plan, and it works with a free Amazon account. Want on-demand music? Amazon Music ($7.99) and Prime Music (free for Prime members) are already supported. Spotify and Pandora support is planned as a free update.


Safety in the car is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we’ve included hands-free calling in Muse. Hear the caller from your car stereo and speak with confidence with our best-in-class noise-canceling microphone.


The box includes everything you need to get set up in most cars. It includes the Muse device and the magnetic mount. We’ve also included a dual USB car charger so you can power Muse and charge your phone! All you need is an Android or iOS phone with cellular data plan, and of course, a car.


Muse fits nicely into any car and takes less than 3 minutes to set up. It comes with a 6.5-foot long cable and removable magnetic mount that gives you the flexibility to place it on the dash, in the center console, or wherever you like.


Muse features hardware-level mute so that you can turn off any and all audio going into Muse. Just hold and release the Microphone button to turn on mute and neither Muse nor Alexa will hear anything.


Inside the modest case is a highly-capable car accessory that is packed with innovative features and unparalleled smarts.

Muse runs on a powerful Qualcomm processor that is loaded with our innovative voice recognition, noise cancellation, hands-free calling and Bluetooth technology. It seamlessly integrates with the Muse app on your smartphone for setup, connectivity, and visuals feedback.


Our goal has always been to come to Indiegogo with a production-ready product. We have made a lot of progress to that end. In fact, we are nearly done. Our factory has started production of the hardware. Our software teams have finalized the firmware, and the Android and iOS companion apps.

We have completed more than a thousand hours of testing, ourselves and with Amazon’s Alexa team.

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