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The Radius™ F1 bike light is the first smart bike light with smooth speed-controlled light output for perfect visibility at any speed. As you ride faster, the light gets brighter; when you slow down, it dims. This helps save battery power. The Radius™ F1 is both speed sensor and light source. And unlike other speed-controlled lights, the Radius™ F1 transitions between dim and bright seamlessly. Stay out longer, explore the roads less traveled, and take your cycling to the next level.












Everything about this bike light makes city riding safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. The range of lighting outputs and modes helps you spot and avoid frequent urban obstacles, from potholes and curbs to train tracks and trash. It also makes you more visible to city drivers, including those approaching you from the right or left at intersections. And because city rides often involve pit stops indoors, the easily detachable light makes theft-prevention simple.




When you gain speed, the Radius™ F1 light brightens; when you slow down, it dims—and it shifts at the same rate you change speed. This ensures your visibility is always optimal for your speed, and it helps save battery power.


RightBright™ technology incorporates:

BMI 160, a small, quiet, energy-efficient inertial measurement device that precisely senses your velocity;

“Stepless” speed-controlled beam intensity that adapts light output to your cycling speed by smoothly shifting intensity over a range of lumens.




In addition to auto-adjusting brightness, SecurePulse™ technology automatically switches into a safety-enhancing pulse mode when you’re turning a corner and flashes when you’re braking to a stop, because riding at slower speeds can make you less visible to drivers.






After three minutes of no movement, the light’s PerfectPower™ functionality automatically switches the light to standby mode. Start moving the bike again and the light will wake up and return to default speed-controlled lighting. After 1 hour of bike inactivity, the light’s power shuts off to consume extremely low energy—because nothing is worse than accidentally leaving your light on all night and discovering it’s dead when you set off on your next ride.








Strap this low-profile remote control near your grip tape, and you can manually adjust your light settings without having to take your hands off the handlebars. Rely on the light’s auto-adjustment functionality for the majority of your riding, but have instant control over personal lighting preferences whenever you want it. What’s more, it’s easy to detach the remote control switch from its bracket.





Hundreds of micro lenses in combination with a reflector generate consistent illumination over both distant and close-up terrain: spot lighting hits further ahead so you’re always prepared for upcoming obstacles; flood lighting illuminates a wider area in front of your bike for superior visibility of pedestrians, parked cars, and other nighttime periphery; and side lights help motorists spot you from multiple angles—not just head-on.




The Radius™ F1 is easy to attach to and release from your handlebars. The bracket can be mounted to the left, right, or center of the stem, and it leaves plenty of room on your handlebars for other bike accessories (including the Radius™ F1 Bluetooth-enabled remote control). The mount and casing firmly secure the bike light for stability and super-steady lighting without jiggling, slipping, or rotation, even on rough roads.

When you want to remove the light, the bracket stays on your bike; simply disengage the lock with a 90-degree turn, and the light disconnects from the bracket—pop it off to charge it or to prevent theft if you head inside.





No dirt infiltration, no inroads for water, no damaged USB ports—simply snap the magnet-equipped charger to the light and recharge.




Always know how much life your light has left, thanks to an easy-to-read display on top of the casing. At full brightness the Radius™ F1 has 2 hours of luminosity.









Thanks to precision CNC aluminum machining, the Radius™ F1 provides excellent lighting accuracy and heat transfer. This smart bike light features the highest-grade materials, undergoes only best-in-class manufacturing processes, and meets the highest quality standards, virtually alleviating the need for repairs or part replacements.




Engineered for both aesthetic excellence and technological performance, the Radius™ F1 bike light is modern and minimalist. The sleek aluminum heat sink embraces the low-profile lens-reflector combination with no visible wires or connectors to detract from the light’s clean lines and shape, and the light’s neutral color scheme complements any bike setup.



The Radius™ F1 was constructed with rainy rides in mind—it’s IPX7-rated waterproof construction ensures you’ll have long-lasting light, even in the nastiest weather and on the dirtiest roads. It’s also impact-resistant from up to 1m, because drops and spills happen to everyone.









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