VisionAI Smart Glasses with Alexa & Stereo Sound

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Supported by bone conduction technology, LET VisionAI Glasses simplify smartphone operation and integrate with smart home devices, delivering an experience of ease and comfort.

—Bone Conduction Audio

—Integration with Alexa

—Voice Control Phone & Home

—Hands-free Messaging and Calling

—Health Activity Tracking

Meet LET VisionAI Glasses 

Meet LET VisionAI Glasses. The innovative spectacles that free your hands from physical handling of your smart devices. More than a pair of glasses, LET VisionAI Glasses integrates audio entertainment, telephone communication, and voice interaction and immerses you in a smart world with the most simplified operating mode.

At a Glance  

By integrating Alexa and activating Siri or Google Now, LET VisionAI Glasses lets you control smart home devices, search online information and make phone calls, simply by talking to or tapping on your glasses.


After connecting your compatible smart home devices to the App, you can easily control them with a voice request. Simply speak into LET VisionAI Glasses’ built-in mic, and your voice command will be carried out lightning fast.

On your way home, you can ask LET VisionAI Glasses to turn on the heating to warm your house or open the garage door to park your car.

Control of your home is no longer limited by your location. LET VisionAI Glasses provides a more flexible means of interacting with compatible smart devices.


 How It Works

Demo Video— Do Whatever You’d Like with LET VisionAI Glasses!

Ask LET VisionAI Glasses to provide GPS directions, weather reports, and accurate time

Keep your attention focused on the road and avoid unnecessary distractions

Wireless listening tailored for outdoor activities

No need to worry about losing your earphones

Track your steps, distance, and calories burned

Keep a record of your activity results

About Voice AI  

Voice AI is the Artificial Intelligence Technology that recognizes voices and translates them into text instructions based on deep learning and neural networks. The text instructions will conduct a search through a cloud program and big data network and then present the result in the form of voices.

Always Learning, Always Smarter

The more frequent you communicate with LET VisionAI Glasses, the more familiar the glasses become with your speech patterns and preferences.

What’s more. LET VisionAI Glasses can learn to understand your habits and behaviors via the deep learning system. For example, if you ask LET VisionAI Glasses report weather for you every day then after a while LET VisionAI Glasses will automatically provide weather information to you at the time you usually check for weather. And it can also provide you traffic information of the road you often drive on as well as updating you with a restaurant’s discount option when you walk by the restaurant.

What They Are Saying About LET VisionAI Glasses


“Adjusting the volume and searching the song is as easy as tapping it once!”
“The quality of the sound is really good! And it’s really easy to change music!”

“Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually listening to music! This is really advanced technology!”


Protect Your Eardrums 

Human eardrums are extremely sensitive. Listening with bone conduction earphones minimizes the potential damages a pair of traditional earphones could cause to your hearing ability.

—  Unblock Your Ears   —

Bone conduction earphones allow you to listen to stereo sound without blocking your ears. You are able to stay aware of your surroundings. Enjoy a safer audio experience.

About Bone Conduction 

Most of the sound we hear is actually sound waves transmitted through the air eventually reaching our eardrums. The sound waves make eardrums vibrate and then transmit the signals into our inner ears. Bone conduction is another way for us to hear the sound. Sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear through the bone vibration of the skull, without reaching to eardrums first. It’s like a shortcut to the brain.


Patented Technology

LET Labs features experts with valuable experience in bone conduction technology and artificial intelligence. Bone conduction technology developed by LET Labs has been granted a Utility Models Patent in 2015 because of its incredibly small size and multi-functionality.


AUTO Switch via Detection Sensor

LET VisionAI Glasses detects your motion. They automatically turn on when you put them on your head and power off when you take them down.

Infrequent charging is what we aim for. LET VisionAI Glasses features long-lasting batteries. Standby time is up to 10 days.


ZERO Waste VR-Ready Package

LET VisionAI Glasses were cleverly designed to transform the box into a pair of VR glasses like the Google Cardboard. We made ZERO waste one of our design initiatives, so we designed the packaging to minimize waste and enhance the user experience.


Magnetic Charging

Different from traditional charging cable, a magnetic connector enables fast charging with effortless one-hand charging connection. When you place the connector near the glasses leg, it automatically sticks to the port on it. This small and slim magnetic charger makes interaction with LET Glass even simpler and easier.

LET VisionAI Glasses have a built-in Lithium-Ion battery battery. As usual, the typical estimated life of a Lithium-Ion battery is about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever occurs first. One charge cycle is a period of use from fully charged, to fully discharged, and fully recharged again.


Sleek Design

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