Niwa: Growing Your Own Food Has Never Been Easier

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Meet Niwa, the first in a new generation of smart food devices that makes growing your own vegetables, fruits and plants as easy, fun and interactive as a swipe of your smartphone screen.

Imagine a world where anyone and everyone—no matter where they are, how much free time they have, or how much they know about gardening—could grow their own fruits and vegetables from their very own home. Then, imagine the revolutionary impact that would have on our world, transforming everything from our environment to our economy to our health to our lives for the better.

Niwa is the first step toward putting our food in our own hands. Sound good? Join the fresh revolution today!

No green thumb? No problem! With Niwa, anyone and everyone can experience the pride, joy and unbelievably fresh taste of healthy home-grown foods.

Niwa is the first fully automated hydroponic system that attends to all of your plants’ needs so you don’t have to. Our revolutionary combination of hardware and software work together seamlessly to create the perfect growing environment, water and feed your plants as they need, and put you in control of it all from your smartphone.

Are you ready to get fresh? It’s as simple as 1,2,3:

The Niwa system is the culmination of 2 years of intensive research and development, the result of many iterations, trials, and prototypes and hours spent consulting with farming experts.

Niwa is…

Niwa’s microcontroller “brain” has all the experience and expertise of a seasoned farmer. You don’t need to worry about how often to water your plants, if they’re warm enough, or if the humidity is optimal for their growth, because Niwa knows it all!

Niwa was designed to mesh seamlessly with your home and your urban lifestyle. It’s small enough to fit in your living room yet large enough to grow full-sized fruits and vegetables as well as herbs. Niwa looks fantastic, so it will fit right in with your home decor; plus, there’s absolutely no soil involved in the Niwa system, so it’s mess-free too!

Niwa can grow just about anything that will fit inside the tray, including most house plants, flowers, vegetables, several kinds of fruits and various herbs. We’ll be adding root vegetables to the list soon, so keep an eye out!

There’s no pulling weeds, no ploughing, no tilling, no hoes — just the freshest, healthiest fruits and veggies. Just switch her on, sit back, and wait for your seeds to grow — it’s as easy as that!

For the first time ever, you can care for and interact with your plants straight from your mobile device, no matter where you are. Enjoy the experience, learn about your crops and, most excitingly of all, taste fresh, organic produce grown by you!

Growing your own food? There’s an app for that!

With the Niwa app, free for iOS and Android users, anyone with a smartphone has everything they need to start growing produce from the comfort and convenience of home:


Just tell the app what you want to grow and watch it load pre-programmed settings for your plant, covering everything from temperature to water supply to sunlight.


Watch your plants sprout and thrive before your eyes, and monitor their status and living conditions through your smartphone!

Connect with your plant and understand its progress. Provide feedback on growth stages and completed tasks, and receive quirky educational messages.

Experiment with climate variables or create your own custom settings for almost endless growing possibilities!

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