Something strange happened to me when I picked up a Tesla Model X

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Tesla Model X Review

Tesla is the most talked-about car company for so many reasons. What began as a small startup has grown into a massive company with a larger market cap than BMW. Tesla has completely reshaped the global automotive landscape, forcing every major car company to accelerate its plans for electric vehicles.

I’m a big fan of Tesla as a company and I love what it’s doing to the auto industry right now. Tesla is changing the world. Full stop. But to be honest, I’ve never personally been a big fan of Tesla’s vehicles. As someone who has always had an affinity for German cars, Tesla’s styling was never to my taste. And the interiors… eesh. Modern Teslas are marvels when it comes to technology and performance, however, and I decided it was high time for me to see how far Tesla has come in the four years since I last drove one of its cars.

So, I headed down to Tesla’s Chelsea showroom in lower Manhattan late last month and drove away with a Model X P100DL.

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