Tiny1: The World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera

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Meet Tiny1


The world’s first astrophotography camera made to be 

small, smart and sociable

Captured with Tiny1 Prototype

TinyMOS Story
TinyMOS began in 2014. I was a professional photographer and on a stargazing trip. I saw a sky full of stars – the Milky Way stretched horizon to horizon. Armed with a Nikon D4 DSLR and years of photography knowledge, I could not capture the sights before me.
We built the Tiny1 so that now, you can.
Tiny1 is the world’s smallest, smartest and most social astronomy camera. It helps you plan, capture and share your star filled sky experience – all from the palm of your hands. Here’s a gallery of what we have captured, over 2 years of development.
Back us, to put the wonders of the night sky and exploration in the hands of everyone.

– Grey Tan, Founder and CEO, TinyMOS (Image Yosemite, California 2015)

Series of time lapses – Milky Way, ISS transit, Solar eclipse, Moon


Sun captured in H-Alpha Narrowband


Traditional Astrophotography Gear

1,500USD to 5,000USD and up

5kg-10kg and up

Complex multi-brand setup for hardware and software

Now you only need
(scale compared)

(quarter for scale)

Less than 500USD for all

Approximately 700g for everything

Unified control on camera and smart phone

Now everyone can take pictures of the stars without worrying about expensive equipment and expert knowledge. The Tiny1 makes astrophotography a point-and-shoot experience with these unique features.



Top-of-the-line tech and instant image processing

Pairs with your smartphone and compatible with any lens in the market


113mm x 69mm x 22mm of astrophotography genius

Interactive Star Map

Tiny1 helps you plan your astronomy imaging. The Interactive Star Map is a unique interface to easily locate and shoot celestial objects.

It shows you the stars and constellations in real time and has a search function built in to guide you.

Find out for yourself. Download the TinyMOS Demo app here.

TinyMOS Universe feature! We’ll put your name beside a star when you back us. Only on Indiegogo!

Interactive star map uses augmented reality to tell you what you see in real time.
**Backers who contribute more than $20 will get their name beside a star in a special version of the star map**
Built-in presets help you to easily capture a variety of celestial objects

Mobile App

Pair your Tiny1 with your smartphone to easily share pictures over WiFi

Control your Tiny1 over WiFi to reduce camera shake.





Lens Adapter
Any lens in the market can be attached to the Tiny1 with ease, including DSLR, Mirrorless and even telescopes!
A 200mm telephoto transforms into a 1400mm equivalent telescope with the Tiny1 attached. Perfect for viewing the Moon.
A small telescope now gives you the view of Saturn and its rings!

Mount your DSLR lenses and telescopes on the Tiny1 with adapters
Community Building
Share directly to social media, organise and attend star parties.


CTO Lih Wei guides us through Tiny1’s technical capabilities.(Trust him, he’s an engineer)

How we made the Tiny1 tiny and powerful



Back Illuminated Sensor

Two times better than front illuminated sensors at converting light to signal. Higher fidelity images at the pixel level.


Advance Noise Reduction

Patent pending built-in noise reduction algorithm that self calibrates and reduces noise effectively.

Aluminium Mono Body

Made of aircraft grade aluminium; the strong and durable body also acts as a heat sink to reduce thermal noise.


Hear what people have to say about TinyMOS at TechCrunch Startup Battlefield



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