ProView G3 Wearable Gimbal & Cable Cam for GoPro

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ProView G3 3-axis gimbal and cable cam is the ultimate tool to capture stabilized GoPro video. The gimbal by itself is wearable, can be mounted anywhere a GoPro is used to provide stabilized cinematic video. The cable cam gliding a camera on a rope opens up a new dimension of possibility for video-making. Used with the wearable gimbal, motion video result is cinematic and professional quality.

ProView G3 is a wearable gimbal for GoPro camera. It provides 3-axis stabilization when the camera is locked to the gimbal, delivering professional cinematic video for any kind of activity.



ProView G3 is specially designed for sports applications. With standard ¼ “ holes at the bottom and in the rear, it can be mounted anywhere a GoPro can be mounted.


ProView G3 enables everyone to shoot like a pro with ease!



3-Axis Stabilization

State-of-art brushless motor 3-axis stabilization technology as used by the filming industry

Covers Major Action Cameras

GoPro Hero 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / YI CAM / SJCAM / AEE / Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Operating Time 4.5 Hour

Removable Rechargeable Battery

Replaceable rechargeable battery. Charge through USB port directly.


3 Stabilization Modes

Pan Follow: tilt and roll axis locked, pan axis follow
All Follow: roll axis locked, pan and tilt axis follow
All Lock: all 3-axis locked



6 Mounting Orientations

Provides maximum usage flexibility



Two 1/4 ” Holes

Enables flexible mounting from bottom side for typical use, or from rear side with long extension pole for special occasions.

Auto Rotation Mode

User settable to rotate from position A to position B in configurable interval. Useful for timelapse photography.







If we exceed 3X funding goal when the crowdfunding ends (surpassing $100,000) we’ll upgrade ProView G3 to have pan axis able to rotate 360 degrees !

360 + 360, Two Axis Move Without Limits, Providing Even Greater Usage Flexibility !



Turn the Wearable Gimbal into a Handheld Gimbal

A single button for ON/OFF control and mode selection.

A joystick for camera shooting angle adjustment.

Replaceable rechargeable battery. Charge through USB port directly.



Glide camera over crowds at live events & sporting venues, point to point filming in difficult terrains. Create videos  not possible before!

Works for smartphone too!

Small and Light Weight

Take this ultra portable cable cam design anywhere and capture smooth motion footage.


Easy Setup

Take just minutes to setup and send camera gliding on the rope.



Can be used in some occasions requiring dolly, drone, or crane.


Autonomous and Intelligent

Can be set to “ping-pong” moving back and forth continuously between two programmable points or at a fixed distance. It decelerates to a smooth stop at the end point and reverse direction.


New Perspective

Providing a new way to operate the camera. Glide it through challenging narrow space or a few centimeters off the ground to capture new exciting perspectives. Glide it close to the action or over crowds where drones are difficult to use or not allowed. Ideal for capturing great moments in all kinds of events.


Extended Motion Time Lapse

Can go much further than other time lapse camera motion products, making your footage standout from the rest.

Removable Rechargeable Battery

Replaceable rechargeable battery. Charge through USB port directly.


App Controlled

App controlled left/right direction, movement speed, A/B end points, movement distance.


We went through several generation of prototypes, now ready for mass production. Your support is needed to help bring it to the world!

Production version made with proper tooling will look much better than these 3D printed prototypes !


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