Watch a Tesla employee use a Model X to pull a semi truck up a hill in the snow (TSLA)

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Tesla Model X

  • A Tesla employee used a Model X to pull a semi truck out of the snow in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Wednesday. 
  • A Facebook comment attached to a video of the feat indicated that the Model X didn’t have much trouble with the task.
  • Another comment revealed that the Model X pulled the truck up a hill. However, it’s unclear if this was a publicity stunt.

While Tesla’s electric semi truck, the Semi, is still a few years away, the company’s electric SUV showed off the kind of power you’d expect from a much larger vehicle on Wednesday in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In the wake of the bomb cyclone that’s brought frigid temperatures to the East Coast, a Tesla Model X appeared to pull a semi truck out of the snow on Wednesday night.

The driver Ben Spreen said in a Facebook comment attached to the video that the SUV didn’t have much trouble performing the task. But Spreen is a Tesla customer experience employee, according to his LinkedIn profile, so it’s possible this could have been a staged stunt.

“No power limited at all. That really wasn’t hard on the car. I’ve driven it much harder without heat-soaking,” Spreen wrote.

In another comment, Spreen said that the Model X pulled the semi truck up a hill.

While Tesla’s cars continue to get high marks from their owners, the company continues to have trouble producing its first mass-market electric car, the Model 3. On Wednesday, the company announced it didn’t come close to reaching its 2017 production targets for the vehicle, so it will be worth watching to see if the company can solve its production issues in 2018.

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