Corsair’s H115i and H150i Pro coolers prove near-silent operation is worth every penny

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Corsair H115i Pro RGB CPU cooler

Corsair are finally in the triple radiator game with their H150i Pro RGB cooler. Not only that, they’ve reworked their H115i cooler into the H115i Pro RGB, too. Nothing screams professional like RGB lighting… anyways. Both coolers feature a new pump design with added RGB, but the new ML-series (magnetic levitation) fans are what really stand out about the new coolers – mostly because you barely notice them at all.

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Both new coolers feature an updated radiator design, it’s a little more sleek, and, personally, I think it’s a huge improvement over the design found on the H100i V.2. I’m a fan of the non-Pro design most of us know and love, but the squared-off, minimal aesthetic feels a little more premium – as it rightfully should at $140/£135 and $170/£165 for the H115i Pro and H150i Pro, respectively.

The new pump is a mixed bag. On one hand, without the RGB LEDs shining through, the new pump can look quite dated. Maybe you are a fan of the silver… I’m not so sure myself. On the other hand, the installation is easy enough, and once you turn the system on, you start to see the cooler in a whole new multi-coloured light. Even though the design has grown on me since I first laid my weary peepers on it, it feels as though Corsair may have missed a trick here. The RGB version could’ve been a little more inspired, and it looks plain sitting next to the stunning NZXT Kraken x62.

Corsair H115i Pro RGB CPU cooler pump

Surprisingly, Corsair haven’t adopted the same vibrant RGB lighting they are known for on the fans themselves, which feels a little off for an ‘RGB’ namesake – I suppose pricing has some due consideration here.

Both coolers come with ML-Series fare, although the triple radiator features three 120mm fans, while the 280mm comes with two 140mm. We’ve got the 280mm H115i Pro in the office, and I can confirm that these 140mm fans are exceptionally quiet, even at their max rated 1200 RPM, or ever-so-slightly below. The 120mm fans are sure to get a little louder due to their 1600 RPM max, but even so, magnetic levitation (while pricey) is a worthy investment for the tranquil-minded gamer.

Corsair H115i and H150i Pro RGB CPU cooler

As if maglev wasn’t enough, Corsair have also adopted a zero-RPM mode. This mode allows fans to completely stop spinning at coolant temperatures below 40°C. You’ll need to plug the fans into the splitter provided from the pump and control them through Corsair Link to do this, however, so bear that in mind.

Corsair Link hasn’t seen a significant makeover alongside the latest coolers, however, although any faults are far less noticeable when the fans are whisper-quiet at all times – regardless of the fan curve in place. The RGB controls are a little lacking through the software, and these two coolers will both benefit how and when Corsair decide to implement more in-depth and synced lighting control, be it from within their CUE software or otherwise.

I can’t speak for the H150i Pro as of yet, but as for how effective the H115i Pro is: it performs admirably, but it doesn’t quite manage to best the – often cheaper – competition on every count. You aren’t going to be left wanting by the coolers’ performance, unless you really need some serious cooling potential (in that case, maybe look to the H150i with its triple rad), but you could get better performance for less if you absolutely required those few degrees here or there – the payoff is the likely increased noise level, however.

While the H115i Pro may not be the pinnacle of cooling efficacy, what you get is an incredibly capable chiller, which has a snappy design that serves to compliment most builds, and is exceptionally quiet. I had to put my ear so close to hear any considerable noise from the loop that I nearly got the Van Gogh look. I’m putting maglev fans on everything from here on out: my case, my GPU, my ceiling fan, my raucous next door neighbours, everything. Ah… sweet, peaceful, silence.

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