Disgaea 5 sells an impressive 200,000 units on Switch alone

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According to destructoid

For the ‘Complete’ edition

“Copies sold” is one of those things that matters in the eye of the beholder. Square Enix can sell through millions and not bat an eye, but for a small studio? That would be life-changing.

NIS reports that through the Switch edition of Disgaea 5 alone (also known as the “Complete” edition), they’ve sold through 200,000 units. The reason for its success, according to NIS president Sohei Niikawa, is North America, Europe, and Asia — and it’s been such a hit that the company is going to focus on “PS4 and Switch” going into 2018.

In case you were wondering, for a second edition of a grid-based anime game with exploding penguins on a less than one year old system, those numbers are pretty great.

Disgaea [Inside Games via Gematsu]

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