Project SPARK Is A Powerful Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC In A 12-Inch Tall Case

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I love ludicrous amounts of gaming horsepower in a small, attractive package. Since 2013 I’ve been enamored with small form factor (SFF) PCs like Falcon Northwest’s Tiki and, though not as powerful — the Alienware Alpha. If you’ve ever tried building something comparable in the same restrictive cubic volume, you may appreciate them too. That’s why it’s always awesome to have new options in this class of boutique gaming PC, which is why I’m writing about Digital Storm’s Project SPARK, debuting this week at CES 2018.

Project SPARK is the company’s smallest PC to date, measuring only 4 inches wide and 12 inches tall. That gives it a much more petite footprint than their Bolt X system, and makes it about an inch shorter than the Falcon Northwest Tiki (although the Tiki supports a broader and faster range of CPUs and GPUs). And yes, a head-to-head showdown between the Tiki and Project SPARK is inevitable, but until then let’s look at what Digital Storm is bringing to the table with their latest PC.

Digital Storm

Digital Storm’s Project SPARK, a powerful enthusiast gaming PC with a small footprint

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