All-in-One Wireless Router for Your Home and Office

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Hello Backers: Welcome to my project!

This is my first time on Kickstarter. It has been quite the journey from an idea to a market-ready product in less than a year. Today, I want to share my story with you, as to why; after working for over 20 years at Fortune 500 companies, a couple start-ups, being an engineer, and a recent graduate from a top-tier b-school (; I have decided to pursue a path of developing open-source based products for homes and small offices.

Working at large enterprises, I have experienced many technology solutions. However, I do not see most of these solutions in our homes or small offices. For example, at home, we use cordless phones and answering machines where as large businesses use soft-phones and voicemail. The reasons span factors of cost, complexity of skills, manageability, etc. This has motivated me to find lean ways to create high-end solutions at a cost-efficient price point.

The journey with Crux LX has been full of challenges but we hope to find your support, which will make the journey worthwhile. We would love for you to support us, try this product, benefit from it, and share your feedback.

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