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KKA S1 is the first of its kind, being a unique and ground-breaking idea that will change skateboarding forever. This amazingly advanced electric skateboard satisfies each and every level of skating enthusiast going from beginner to adrenaline-filled performers.

You can experience feelings that you’ve never felt before with the KKA S1 and combine the awesomeness of skateboarding together with both the euphoria of skiing and snowboarding through our skateboards’ unique mechanics. Whether you’re caving, sliding and even doing a Tic-Tac, you will feel like you’re atop of a mountain slope and experience the same thrill.

It doesn’t matter where you use the KKA S1, even if we’re talking about country roads, our electric skateboard is the safest way to reach your destination. It is fast, flexible and perfect for on and off-road maneuvers.

Bike lanes, city streets or country roads, KKA S1 is transportation as its best. It is fast, powerful, flexible, strong and durable for on and off-road maneuvers.






KKA S1 Skateboard – Reinvented – Better Performance

  • Explore the Carbon Fiber / Magnesium Alloy Frame Snowboard Design
  • 4 wheel / Rear Drive – Double Drive
  • Electric 500W Hub DC Double Motor
  • Motor Power – 5inch, 250Wx2 max rotate speed 1800rpm
  • Outrageous maximum speed of 28hm/h and max mileage of 40hm
  • 8.8Ah Lithium Battery
  • Electronic Holzer brake
  • Mobile App integration available
  • Bluetooth App Remote Control
  • CE / FCC Safety Certification
  • Awesome!

This amazing structure of the rocker bridge assures you a stability never seen before that will enable you to make the tightest turn.  

It has a small turning radius while being very flexible, which makes him much more efficient in terms of turning than your regular, ordinary skateboard.

Flexible with small turning radius;





Made by our team of specialists, the design of the tire arc makes the KKA S1 the best skateboard on the market for turning on any surface.

It has the following amazing adaptions:

– 5-inch-high bullet PU tire (a regular skateboard has a 3/4-inch tire)

– Wear-resistant 

 – Anti-corrosion  

– Perfect for poor road conditions  

The large and thick tires give the KKA S1 the ability to adapt faster to rough terrain and make your journey as smooth as possible.






The hub motor gives the KKA the possibility to have a high adoption to chassis and gives it a high-barrier capability.

The land surfboard / ride the wave;

High barrier ability and high adoption of the chassis;





As seen in the video, this highly-adaptive skateboard can resist to harsh climates, so you need not worry about being caught in a bad rain or going through mud.

The KKA S1 is an amazingly easy electric skateboard and it’s your own choice whether to use the controller or use the comfort of your own phone.



The KKA S1 is a solution to the biggest problem of skateboards – being seen. You can’t go out during the night with a normal skateboard without risking not being seen by a car. This awesome electric skateboard offers front LED movements and taillight to make sure that you get safe to your destination.

Front LED movement headlight and taillight for safety; 

Simple and easy to use controller with bigger swing lever, faster speed and better brakes after the rocker. The rocker press can be replaced.



If you already think that the KKA S1 is amazing, you have to know that it also comes with a remote control with which you can control the electric-skateboard and use the following commands:

– Brake  

– Reverse

– Drive  

As you can see in the pictures, it also has a power button below it. What’s more, the Bluetooth controlled balance allows the skateboard to adapt to the weight of the rider.

The KKA S1 is an amazingly easy electric skateboard and it’s your own choice whether to use the controller or use the comfort of your own phone.




Our battery can last up to 3 days while charging only for 3 hours. They have 36 v/8.0 A and are the safest batteries on the market. It goes without saying that they have the following safety measures that have been checked over and over again by our team:

– Flame Retardant  

– Overheating Protection  

– Explosion Protection



40 High Rate Discharge Life Battery, Capacity : 8800mAh/288Wh

Flame Retardant – Overheating Protection – Explosion Protection


Our company started with a simple idea: to reinvent transportation by creating a top-notch brand for our customers. We started our story in Las Vegas where we strived to lead the technology of boards. In 2015, we gave it a shot and we founded Better Wheels with the end-goal of shaking up the personal mobility industry. Following 2017, we created the “KKA” brand which stands for “Ok, Cool, America!” hoping to make it America’s New Transportation.

We aimed high and went for a continuous pursuit of detail, high quality products and outstanding service. Here at KKA we aim to make perfect products for you.

I think we can all agree that skateboards have undergone many changes over the last couple of years. They went from classic skateboards to the creation of pennies, longboards and many other creations. However, there aren’t so many skateboarders due to the low-safety measures they offer. Reduced balancing, high friction and poor aerodynamics are what drives people away from skateboards. There was much room for improvement in terms of turning, balancing and using it in poor climates.

Once we saw the opportunity, we went straight for it. We saw that it’s time for skateboards to provide the same lightweight and freestyle skating while also being modern, safe and fit for everyone.

That’s how we got to the KKA S1 – a reliable electric skateboard that, combined with all of its components, creates the perfect way of transport. It’s been in research and testing for years and we finally created a flawless skateboard. The KKA S1 is minimalistic, stylish, modern and last but not least, fashionable.

We reinvented the skateboard, while keeping its core components. We’ve made a better, faster and safer way of transportation while also making it durable, stronger and superior to anything else.

This amazing invention, the KKA S1 is not something that appeared out of nowhere. The first prototype was launched back in 2014 and received a lot of productive criticism and an overwhelming response from the community. All of these ideas and suggestions are what made the KKA S1 after carefully following every idea. This experience has led us to have a better perspective of what regular skateboarders want from a modern skateboard. They want it fast, reliable and flexible, allowing them to continuously stay on it without leaving the board.

Simpler, this revolutionary skateboard allows you to do everything you could do with a regular skateboard, safer and faster. Having in mind its awesome steering and body frame, together with its high quality materials, it’s perfect for both road and off-road trips. Compared to conventional skateboards, the KKA S1 stands out due to its amazing weight-balancing and dynamic cornering features.

The introduction of KKA S1 to the skateboarding community has led to an overwhelming response, and it is becoming popular every day. In fact, considering its potential, features and sporty dynamism, we see it replacing the conventional skateboards to a sizeable percentage in coming years.

KKA S1 does not require any specialized training or weeks of experience to be able to ride on it. Like any skateboard step on it, push and ride. However, for advanced sports and riding actions, practice makes a man perfect.


Although it has a battery in it, it won’t bother you at all. We’ve designed the case to make it feel light and maneuverable. Of course, you can also use the board with the battery empty, while using the same features, without the remote-controlling. The lights used are incredibly durable and can easily be changed if needed.

The KKA S1 is perfect for any type of adventurer. Whether you’re skateboarding to get to work or you are an adrenaline-filled enthusiast and no matter the age, no matter the distance, this electric skateboard is your safest choice!

Once introduced to the community, the KKA S1 has received an amazingly positive feedback and becomes more popular each day. Considering all of its features, we hope that it will replace the conventional skateboard within a couple of years.

Unlike regular skateboards, the KKA S1 doesn’t need any kind of training or skateboarding experience. Step on it, push and ride. Even for advanced sports, its much easier to learn and to practice than with a conventional skateboard.


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