DUSK – A clock that frames the sky by allocacoc

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If “Living in the Present” sums up your motto in life then this clock is all about it.

DUSK is the first clock that continuesly changes shades depending on the time of day. A visual spectacle from dusk till dawn.

Design is everchanging. That is why we created DUSK, a timeless clock that adapts its design depending on the time of the day. When you wake up in the morning, you are greeted with a beautiful clean white slate. At night, when the sun has set, your DUSK will have turned midnight black.

In the morning
In the morning
At night
At night

People can also feel the time via the “sky brightness” in the room, which is particularly useful in windowless rooms.

DUSK is easy to install and has the ability to calibrate to any time zone. The clock measures 300mm in diameter and weighs 450g. It requires just 1 AA battery to function and is made of polarized acrylic.


Inspired by the simplicity of Mother Nature, there are no unnecessary decorative elements in this clock. Only clean, monochromatic aesthetics that are both soothing and easy on the eyes. The clock’s face changes its shade from transparent to opaque depending on the time of the day. Looping from dark to transparent, the Dusk brings variation in its minimalist design.

The Dusk’s minimalist design hides a sophisticated mechanism that allows the whole clock face to change its shade from transparent to opaque, representing the color of the sky. Throughout the day the Dusk will loop from dark to transparent and dark again as the sun rises, reaches its highest point and sets again.

Beauty is linked to harmony; this is the logic behind this design. By getting rid of any unimportant elements the clock is reduced to its basic form. And being consistent with the changes of the sky makes the variation more natural.

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