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Meet the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor. With ZUS, you no longer have to guess what’s wrong with your tires. View individual tire pressure data directly on your smartphone for a safer drive and improved gas mileage. Powered by an intelligent algorithm, ZUS warns you of any slow leaks before they become serious problems. It’s perfect for your 4-wheel drive or pickup truck.


The Dangerous Facts About Underinflated Tires

Real-time Tire Pressure Data
Prevent dangerous blowouts by monitoring your tire temperature (°F/°C) and pressure data (PSI/kPa/Bar) in real-time. A set of 4 sensors, one for each tire, detects tire temperature and pressure data in real-time. Data passes wirelessly through the in-car receiver and instantly appears on the ZUS app through Bluetooth. The receiver will blink and sound off an alarm whenever an issue is detected. Also, get app notifications whenever things look abnormal.

First Ever Slow Leak Detection
Slow leaks caused by tire punctures from screws are hard to detect because the leakage rate is often too low (i.e. ~0.1% PSI per hour). Our AccurateTemp® Algorithm is able to detect hidden slow leaks by tracking data over time and normalizing the effects of temperature on pressure. In this way, you can tell whether your tires are leaking slowly or not.

Self-install in 10 Minutes
With only 3 installation steps, take ZUS with you on your next trip and install it on your rental car in just 10 minutes.

Save on Fuel
Underinflated tires cause your fuel consumption to go up. Save up as much as 11 cents per gallon by keeping your tires properly inflated with ZUS.

Locking System
Keep sensors secured with our locking kit, a set of 4 locking nuts, which locks your sensor in place to prevent your sensors from being easily unscrewed by strangers. Kit is included free of charge.


USB Charging Port
Connect the receiver to a USB car charger and then charge up your mobile devices through the receiver’s reversible USB charging port, which enables you to plug in your cable in any direction. This way, you never lose a charging port.


Additional Benefits
When compared to other products in the market, ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor not only offers more features but also at a steal of a price.

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