Alaskans evacuate after 7.9 magnitude earthquake prompts widespread tsunami alert

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US Geological Survey earthquake map Alaska 3.25 AK time
A map showing the location of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake and a cluster of aftershocks off the coast of Alaska, recorded early Tuesday morning.

US Geological Survey

  • A 7.9 magnitude quake hit off coastal Alaska early
    Tuesday morning.
  • It prompted authorities to issue widespread tsunami
  • An area from Alaska to the edge of Mexico was initially
  • These warnings were later rolled back to just
  • Locals in the island of Kodiak were woken by sirens and
    warned to seek high ground.

Thousands of Alaskans evacuated their homes Tuesday after a
powerful earthquake struck off the coast of the state, generating
a small tsunami.

People on Kodiak Island, off the coast of Alaska, were woken
early in the morning by sirens and police officers urging them to
retreat to high ground further inland to avoid the worst effects
of a surge.

The 7.9 magnitude quake struck 25 kilometers, or about 15.5
miles, below the sea floor in the Gulf of Alaska at 12:23 a.m.
Alaska Standard Time (9:23 a.m. GMT, 4:23 a.m. ET).

Authorities initially thought a resultant tsunami could travel
much farther than Alaska, issuing a tsunami watch for the entire
western coast of the United States, but this was later canceled.

Initial data recorded by Alaskan weather monitors said a tsunami
did occur but was very small: less than 1 foot in height. Earlier
reports from deep-sea buoys in the Gulf of Alaska had suggested
the waves could be as high as 10 meters.




Sky News Alaska evacuation
broadcast by Sky News showing an evacuation in progress in
Alaska. The precise location was not



The US Tsunami Warning System first alerted people in Alaska
shortly before 1 a.m. local time, about half an hour after the
quake struck.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake hit 157
miles southeast of Chiniak, Alaska. Its magnitude, initially
reported as 8.2, was later revised down to 7.9.

Eighteen more earthquakes, from magnitudes 2.5 to 5.6, have since
been detected.

A map showing tsunami alerts around the earthquake
A map from the US Tsunami
Warning Center showing the extent of warnings in the immediate
aftermath of the quake. These have now been revised down or

US Tsunami Warning

Alaska and parts of Canada were given tsunami warnings, the
highest level of alert. As of 3:30 a.m. Alaska time, the warnings
had been downgraded around Kodiak to a tsunami advisory, which
indicates a moderate risk.

The tsunami watch, a lesser state of readiness that was active
from Washington state down to California, as well as in Hawaii,
was called off.

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