Waylen’s Secure360 Dash Cam May Be The Best Dash Cam Yet!

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According to 360.waylens.com

Introducing an Automotive Security Breakthrough

Witness everything

360° Video

Always alert

360 Hours of Operation

Sleep with one eye open

360 Protection

Do you ever worry about what’s happening to your parked car ?

Waylens Secure360 4G provides a true 360° view of what happens in and around your vehicle, automatically storing imagery to the cloud for on-demand access. Easily monitor your vehicle and its surroundings in real-time and get instant notifications of any event, so that you can know, show and protect what’s important.

True 360 Degree Lens

All-glass, 7-element lens captures what’s happening in and around your vehicle.

Event Detection

Fusion of radar and accelerometer provides intelligent event detection and alerts for your parked vehicle.


High-speed 4G bandwidth delivers real-time live alerts and live streaming, because knowledge is power.

Waylens Cloud

Automatic uploading of event video to the Waylens cloud keeps evidence secure.

Location Tracking

Built-in GPS technology provides location data to help you find your vehicle.

Witness everything

360° Video

With its amazing ​single lens​, ​Secure360 ​produces stitch-less 360° video that ​never misses a thing, capturing everything that goes on inside and outside the car.​

360° video

True 360-degree, all-glass, 7-element lens captures with clarity what’s happening in and around your car


Advanced HDR Engine with Multi-exposure fusion and Motion artifact reduction

Night Vision

IR LEDs help the camera see in the dark

See the whole story, your way

Choose from multiple viewing modes of video evidence to see the full story on any device.

Immersive View

Split Screen View

You can watch the 360° video in the immersive panoramic view or by splitting it in half and half, showing inside and outside of the car.

360 Protection

The Secure360 packs amazing technology into a beautiful design, relying on radar, a 3-axis accelerometer and GPS to detect unusual events.

The most incredible feature of the Secure360 is its ability to capture these events for weeks at a time without draining an unattended vehicle’s battery.

4G / Waylens Cloud

The innovative Secure360 4G camera and the Waylens Secure app work seamlessly together with the Waylens Cloud to provide complete security.

High-speed 4G bandwidth delivers real-time live alerts and streaming power right to your smartphone so you’re always informed.

Receive instant event alerts and rest assured that event footage is automatically uploaded to the Waylens Cloud

With the Waylens Secure360 4G, you never have to worry about whether or not an event is captured. When you receive an event notification on your smartphone, the event footage is automatically uploaded to the Waylens Cloud for safekeeping.

Up to

360 hours of operation

Smart Power Management

With the custom battery pack, the Secure360’s low-power sensors allow the camera to sleep with one eye open, protecting an unattended vehicle for an unprecedented 360 hours or 15 days.

Thermal Management

a. No Li-ion battery in the camera body
b. A novel spiral architecture maximizes the camera’s heat dissipation.

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