FIFISH P3-1st Truly Professional Underwater Drone

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FIFISH P3 is an amazing underwater drone. It is designed for incredible underwater exploration, photo and video shooting, at a truly professional level.
✅ 4K UHD Footage & 20-Megapixel photos
✅ 1 Inch SONY CMOS Sensor
✅ 4000 Lumens LED
✅ 1080P real-time streaming
✅ 100m Working Depth
✅ Auto depth and auto heading
✅ 2 hours operating time

After 2 years of unremitting efforts to pursue professional level performance, we are finally launching the first truly professional underwater drone. Equipped with Ambarella chipset, 1-Inch SONY CMOS Sensor and 162 degree FOV ultra-wide angle lens, along with powerful 4000 lumens light support, FIFISH P3 could capture stunning 4K HD Footage & 20-Megapixel photos in tricky underwater environments.

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With accurate and user-friendly control app, precise posture control algorithm, FIFISH P3 can bring consumers with outstanding operating experiences. We hope to eliminate the danger and difficulty of underwater exploration and provides an easy enough tool suits everybody. With FIFISH P3, anyone can remotely explore the wonders of the ocean within 100m depth and capture epic moments as you wish.


An incredible ultra-wide 162 degree FOV lens to witness the vast blue world. Custom-engineered aspherical lens arranged in 7 groups ensure that the FIFISH P3 captures clear, accurate and true-color images every time. The lens is with the best design currently available on the market.

The 1-inch SONY CMOS sensor is almost four times the size of typical underwater camera sensors to capture more details for high performance in insufficient light environments.

FIFISH P3’s triple thruster design allows smooth and accurate navigation in six directions. Built-in posture sensor and algorithm ensures steady movements in any direction.

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FIFISH P3 can perform 1.5m/s maximum speed in still water. With finely tuned, ultra-sensitive control, professionals will feel right at home with FIFISH P3 remote controller and new users will quickly master it too. The mount  is compatible with smartphone and 7.9’ tablet.


The industrial design of FIFISH P3 is precise from inside out. Our award winning team consists of leading industrial engineers, hydrodynamics experts, hardware engineers and supply chain experts. It is honored with two CES Innovation Awards and other industrial merits.

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Ergonomic design makes the FIFISH P3 dedicated controller comfortable to hold and maneuver with ultra-sensitive controls.

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FIFISH P3’s remote controller uses a 2.4GHz frequency to connect with viewing devices. It can easily achieve 1080P transmission and makes it possible to watch epic moments unfold in real-time.

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FIFISH P3 comes with a dedicated mobile app, which allows users to easily control and monitor depth, location, battery and storage. Feature rich with iOS and Android apps, FIFISH P3 is perfect for ocean exploration and sharing moments with friends.


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