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It has been 3 months since Hurricane Maria and still 1.5 Million people in Puerto Rico are living with no light at night! Studio Unite, a 501.c.3, along with Solar4PR, Solight Design, and Thirdwave Volunteers has been raising funds to give SolarPuff(™) lights to the people of Puerto Rico. 14,000 lights have already been given. Now, along with the Clinton Foundation and Mayor Yulin Cruz, you can help to send another 10,000 lights! Perks are tax-deductible! Puerto Rico needs our help!

FEATURES NEW LIGHT SENSOR, with automatic turn on when it goes dark!


Keep it by your window and it will light up when the sun goes down!

This particular Solar Helix-LS Model was used in the famous  MIT Technology Festival Light Installation and the OZY FEST NY CENTRAL PARK. Designed by Artist Vanessa Hooper, to share awareness of how we all have the power to do something about climate change!! The Original SolarPuff was made to replace kerosene lanterns in regions with out electricity. NOW YOU can create CHANGE One light at a time! AND you can also help a family in need in Puerto Rico when you buy a light for yourself! The Light Sensor Helix is not out in the market yet and this is the first time this product is available!!!

Light Forest with Light Sensor HELIX : The Helix LS is not out on the market yet and was only used in this stunning light art installation that has traveled from Boston to New York Central Park!

Now you can have one for your garden or home and also give light to the 1.5 Million people who are living with out electricity in Puerto Rico! Use the Helix-LS to light your gardens at night! hang them anywhere! They will turn on by themselves!!

Solar Flat Pack Cube with Light Sensor Helix LS by Solight

Light Sensor Helix-LS
3 Settings, low, high, and blinking settings, Light sensor setting is activated when you push the power button down and hold for 3 seconds.

4.25” cube

Folds flat to 0.25” thick

10 bright white/warm white LEDs

3 light settings: low, high, & blinking

Fully charged with 8hrs of sunlight

up to 8-12hrs of light on full charge

PVC-free recyclable EVA material

Completely waterproof

Buy a Solight for yourself + Give a light to Puerto Rico.

This lady is holding the Helix in her hand and can move around her house in Puerto Rico with a light that needs no batteries, just the SUN! She had no light for two months and was constantly trying to find batteries, for her flashlight, now she just needs her Solight Helix!

By contributing one light to Puerto Rico you are helping a whole family. Right now less than 50% of the island has power. During our recent visit we went into the hills just 15 minutes outside of San Juan and no houses had power. Many of the elderly living alone have been locked in with no light when the sun goes down.  Through our partnerships with The Clinton Foundation, Mayor Yulin Cruz, Third Wave Volunteers, Solar4PR and Operation Blessings, Studio Unite has provided over 14,000 lights to Puerto Rico. Our goal is to send  another 10,000 lights now and another 10,000 and then another for as long as it takes to light up Puerto Rico.

Take a look at original video of Mayor Yulin Cruz and Clinton with inventor Alice Chun of Solight Design.



Right now there are 1.5 million people still living in the dark!

The power grid will not be fixed for at least 6 months and for some people it will take closer to a full year until they have electricity and light (if they’re lucky).

One light from you can make a big difference to an entire family. Get a tax deduction for giving SolarPuffs(™)!  Studio Unite is a 501.c.3 and when you buy a perk with the GIVE option, you will automatically get a receipt that says this is a GIFT for families in need in Puerto Rico. Many of the people in Puerto Rico are our families and friends who have been through some of the worst traumas of their lives losing everything they own. A little light gives them hope. As Mayor Yulin Cruz of San Juan called the SolarPuffs(™);”They are not just a cube of light but a cube of hope”.  Help us light up their world. AND YOUR WORLD!!!


“Buy one , Give One” covers the cost of one light for you and one light that will be sent to Studio Unite, a 501.c.3, non profit organization and will be distributed by our charitable partners in Puerto Rico to families that have no light or Power RIGHT NOW!


When you choose Give SolarPuff(™), you do not receive a product. Only choose this option if you would like the selected number of lights to go to Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

YOU can also buy a light for yourself, for friends or family or to use for outdoor activities in the New Year.

This is the TWILIGHT!! With red, blinking SOS, low white, and bright white settings!

The future of lighting is SOLAR, MOBILE, and ADAPTABLE to any situation! Solight Design’s newest line of products: The small solar light called the Twilight!!

Great for emergencies!!

To learn more go to


1. Buy the lights through our GIVE SolarPuff(™) program.

2. Your GIVE light goes directly to our non-profit partners who are distributing the lights in the rural areas of Puerto Rico.

Our non-profit partners are working actively on the ground to deliver them to where they are most needed.

When you choose Give SolarPuff(™), you do not receive a product. Only choose this option if you would like the selected number of lights to go directly to Puerto Rico.

Watch this short documentary film on Studio Unite and Solight Design’s efforts in helping communities all over the world!

We need YOU to light up your hearts, your homes, and Puerto Rico!!

Short documentary by Franklin Covey on Studio Unite and Solight Design!!

 Studio Unite has impacted over 200,000 people all over the world!

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