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Destiny 2

Today, Destiny 2 continues its slow march toward regaining the interest of players with a relatively big update focused on a few aspects of the game in particular.

If you’re someone who really likes raiding in Destiny well, I have some good news, this update is almost entirely for you. But otherwise, I’m not sure if this will be enough to lure the majority of the playerbase back. We’ll have to see. It’s a process, after all.

So, what’s going on?

Destiny 2

Masterwork Armor

If you like Masterwork weapons, you may be into their new, less-attractive brother, Masterwork armor.

  • The main perk of Masterwork armor is that each piece gives you 3% damage reduction during your super, for a total of 15% reduction for a full set
  • For a single Masterwork core, you can re-roll the stat package on your armor (Recovery, Mobility, Resilience) for something else

And that’s it. Right now, Masterwork armor is admittedly pretty dull, as the super damage reduction only seems like it will really matter in PvP, and even then, probably won’t be a huge deal. However, I still think it’s probably a good idea to start building out a Masterwork set, because Bungie says they’re going to keep working on it and it’s entirely possible your boring Masterworks might turn into something worthwhile down the road once more bonuses are added.

Destiny 2

Raids Rewards

There’s a lotttt going on here.

  • Raid armor now drops with perks that help during the raid itself, a new mod system allows you to swap in and out bonuses (mods are not consumed and can be changed with Calus tokens)
  • Prestige raid now gives you double drops like it used to
  • Encounters will now always drop a raid piece, and any encounter can drop anything from any part of the raid
  • Raid vendor now sells a rotating stock of raid gear to help complete your set
  • There’s a new exotic Ghost Shell that can drop in the raid that gives you a chance to get Bright Engrams and non-dupe exotics from raid encounters

Again, a lot of this is the old “this should have been how it was at the start” problem, but it’s hard to argue these changes are anything but good, no matter what previous mistakes may have been. The Ghost Shell is going to be the new, most sought-after item as it’s the only truly new thing being added (besides mods), so I think raiders are going to have a lot of fun with this update. Everyone else…may not be quite as excited.

Destiny 2

Random Stuff

  • Prometheus Lens is getting some kind of buff after being nerfed into non-existence a few weeks ago
  • Heroic Strikes will now drop exotics more often
  • Notifications that your Postmaster is full
  • Mercury challenges show up during Infinite Forrest adventures
  • It takes longer to dismantle Masterwork Cores

All good changes, though I’m most curious to try out the new Prometheus Lens to see if it’s actually worth using now. It was a lot of fun before, even if it totally ruined PvP (and by ruined I mean made it 10x more fun, actually).

Again, this is a very raid-heavy update so if that’s your bag, you should be excited. If not, well, I’m not sure how much there is to draw you back. Masterwork armor is probably not the most exciting of goals right now, so you may want to keep waiting until future updates or DLC to return. That’s probably what I’m going to do. After all, these monsters aren’t going to hunt themselves.

This update should be live this afternoon as Destiny

2 has just gone down for maintenance as we speak.

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