Volvo’s first all-electric car will be this sleek and sexy hatchback

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According to Pocket-lint

Volvo has revealed its first all-electric car after confirming last year that it will be making the move to all-electric power in 2019.

The new car will be a production version of a 40.2 concept the Swedish car company unveiled in 2017. The recently released Volvo XC40 started life as the 40.1 concept and it ended up looking very similar to the concept stage, so the 40.2 will follow a similar path and look very much like the concept images shown.

Volvo concept electric car image 1

Volvo concept electric car image 2

That means the 40.2 (an exact model name hasn’t been revealed just yet) will be a coupé style hatchback that will sit within Volvo’s 40 series of vehicles and share a similar design language to those other cars. It will use Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture, which is used in the manufacturer’s other smaller vehicles and for all powertrains (including electric) and have an estimated range of 310 miles.

However, R&D boss Henrik Green has told Autocar that because technologies are moving along so quickly, Volvo’s engineers are constantly trying to keep up to produce the most competitive car when it eventually goes on sale. It will use a modular battery system, although the company has yet to decide what it will offer as a minimum range.

Green added that the 40.2 will be the first all-electric model to be released by Volvo, before it starts offering electric models of existing cars. He says that Volvo ultimately wants to offer vehicles for customers who are already used to the idea of electric power and those coming in as completely new buyers.

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