An Intuitive bike light, made from aircraft grade aluminum.

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Lucnt SRL1 is a smart bike light that’s designed and made in California. Lucnt functions like a car’s brake lights. It uses multiple sensors coupled with smart algorithms to sense when you slow down or accelerate, increasing your visibility on the road and helping drivers behind you to steer clear. There’s no power switch to worry about, either — Lucnt is automatically activated by the magnets in the bike mount, so it will never drain itself while not in use (and you never get left in the dark).

Mount & ride.

Not only is it powerful, energy-efficient, and tough, it’s also the approximate size and weight of a USB thumb drive. We designed it to be sleek and compact, both on the bike and elsewhere. To mount it, choose the orientation you want and slot Lucnt onto its magnetic seat mount. To remove it, simply pull the light off its mount and slide it into your pocket — it will turn off automatically within seconds. The two mounting rings are sized to match the two most common seatpost diameters and everything in between, and we chose a non-marring set screw design for minimal after-effects on your ride. Check out our seat mount guide here.

Dual modes

In the flipped-up orientation Lucnt puts out a steady red light to help with basic visibility, going from 10% brightness when riding to 100% brightness when you apply the brakes. When flipped downward, the light blinks in different patterns to reflect your changes in speed, changing to a steady red glow whenever you slow down.


Charge Lucnt with any micro USB cable — just 1 hour of charging gives you 20 hours of continuous use. The four individual lights on the face of Lucnt indicate the battery level when it’s plugged in or mounted on your bike, so you know when it’s ready to go. Thanks to the sensors inside the light, it can also sense when your bike is stationary — so even when you leave it attached, it only stays on for 90 seconds before going into standby. To wake Lucnt, just swing your leg over the bike and start pedaling, and the natural movements of the bike will activate it within a matter of seconds.


If you can handle riding in it, so can Lucnt. The light’s housing and mounting system was designed to work in rain, snow, wind, and dust. Each unit is precision-machined out of a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum in Richmond, California — built where we can oversee the process ourselves.


Because of its magnetic mount, attaching and detaching Lucnt is simple. Anytime you lock your bike, simply remove Lucnt from its mount. We designed Lucnt to be thin enough to fit in your pocket.

Be Seen, Be Predictable.

Lucnt’s unique blink pattern is optimized to get the attention of drivers behind you and make your movements more predictable — in short, to keep you safer than any bike light before.

Designed and Made in California

Every part of the Lucnt SRL1 bike light that we can make in house we make in our shop in Richmond California. We’ve made the tooling needed to produce our small batch of beta lights, but this tooling can still be used to scale production. We also have local manufacturing partners to help us incase we get overwhelmed. Keeping it local gives us greater control over production, and quality, but it also costs a bit more.

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