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We spent the last six years analyzing the strengths & weaknesses of metal halides (HMIs), flourescents (Kino-Flos), LED Panels, LED-COBs, incandescents and plasma-based lighting systems. With that knowledge, we created Anthem One, a professional lighting platform that borrows the strength of each system while eliminating every single weakness they possess.
Anthem One’s 15 major advantages are:

  • While only drawing 200 watts, it is twice as bright as a comparable HMI. With our Ultra Bright Light Card, it is 10% brighter than an HMI 400W.
  • Anthem One is half the weight of an HMI 400W.
  • Anthem One is one-third the size of an HMI 400W.
  • Anthem One’s light source lasts 2,000 times longer than an HMI 200W bulb and approximately 1,000 times longer than an HMI 400W.
  • Anthem One’s light field has no hot spot. It is completely even edge-to-edge.
  • Anthem Power operates from any 110V/220V socket on earth.
  • Anthem Power is flicker-free at any frame rate.
  • Anthem One’s CRI & Color Temperature are completely consistent through Anthem Power’s dimming range from 0-100%. There is no color temperature shift as the dimming approaches 0 amps.
  • Anthem One’s CRI & Color Temperature are completely consistent through its entire light field. While HMI’s have a blue fringe near the edge of the light field, Anthem One’s light field is clean and consistent edge-to-edge.
  • While other LED systems have permanently mounted LED-COBs, Anthem One uses removable, hot-swappable Anthem Light Cards. Users can remove them in less than 30 seconds to create different light fields or upgrade annually to increase the brightness of Anthem One.
  • Anthem One is magnetically arrayable. Snap Anthem One together with Anthem Baseplate to create up to 2X3 arrays. That’s as bright as a 2.4kW HMI!
  • Anthem Power Plus is a custom, ultra-safe lithium ion battery that can operate Anthem One at full power for up to 3 hours. Slide it into Anthem Backpack to create a “steadi-cam light.”
  • Anthem One’s list of accessories allow Anthem One to interface with all of your existing lighting accessories. The ever-growing list includes Anthem Lens Kit (90 degrees & 60 degrees fresnel lenses), Anthem Prime Spot (20 degree spotlight), Anthem Arm, Anthem Mini-Mount, Anthem Doors, Anthem Bowens Mount, Anthem Baseplate, Anthem Backpack and Anthem Cables (10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet long).
  • The same punch and intensity as an HMI, without any of the drawbacks; no heat, no explosive bulbs, no fear of cracked glass or unwanted UV radiation, no hot cases, no cable runs, no generators, no limitations.
  • All this…for half the cost of an HMI 200W system and one fourth the cost of an HMI 400W system.


For five days, we demo’d Anthem One at private parties, happy hours and festival gatherings in Park City, Utah. We roamed Main Street and randomly plugged Anthem One into any available socket. We illuminated entire city blocks. And we proved every single metric to hundreds of enthusiastic filmmakers.


Anthem One, Anthem Power, Anthem Power Plus and Anthem Light Cards are unlike any other lighting system on earth. This video explains their specifications.


Watch this video to learn how quickly you’ll start saving money using Anthem One.


Anthem One is a fully-accessorized lighting system. Our list of designed, tested & completed accessories include:

  • Anthem Arm
  • Anthem Mini Mount
  • Anthem Lens Kit (90 & 60 degree fresnel lenses)
  • Anthem Prime Spot (20 degree spot lens)
  • Anthem Bowens Mount
  • Anthem Backpack
  • Anthem Doors
  • and many more!

For the sake of simplicity, we can’t offer all these accessories on Kickstarter. We’ve selected the most common accessories for filmmakers to include in our Kickstarter Lighting Packages. However, all these accessories and more will be available on our website after our Kickstarter Campaign concludes.


We devoted three years to building our supply chain. While most Kickstarter technology projects focus strictly on invention, we understood that you deserve better. It was our job to invent A

nthem One as well as a robust global supply chain. Watch this video to see our devotion to delivering a product to you in months, not years.


Anthem One is patented with additional patents pending. Anthem One and Anthem Light Card are registered trademarks of EvansWerks, LLC 2018. All rights reserved.

Anthem One is proudly designed & assembled in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Every system is inspected by our company’s founders before being shipped to customers.

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