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GOSPACE is a revolutionary storage device for all your portable electronics.

It is a portable cloud that holds all your files with 5G wireless, which is faster than ever and allows you to stream content wirelessly.

Its storage can be extended without limit and connects with up to 8 devices at the same time. You can even connect your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to GOSPACE.

Connect GOSPACE to any of your devices for rapid transfer and cloud storage access.


Use 5G WiFi, USB 3.1, or USB-C to transfer files at high speeds.

Time is money. Why waste it by waiting for a file to download? GOSPACE comes with the fastest 5G Wi-Fi with transfer speeds up to 866 Mb/s. You can stream your favorite movie or music wirelessly.

Use the USB-C or USB 3.1 to transfer data from a computer at speeds up to 10GB/s if you are moving whole libraries.


Share Photos and videos with up to eight friends.


Use GOSPACE for your peer to peer file transfer needs. With 5G Wifi capability, transfers will happen quickly and securely. GOSPACE allows you to share with 8 devices within Wi-Fi range. No matter if your device is Android, Apple or PC, you can stream music and video from GOSPACE.


The GOSPACE App is the One Stop Shop for all things related to your data.

Whether you want to backup your phone, stream a video, or even edit your documents, you can get it all done with the GOSPACE app, simply and smoothly.


Google Drive and Dropbox users, we got you covered.

You may sync with your accounts with our app so you can access all your files and documents from one place. No more storage space issues.


Use GOSPACE to extend your WiFi.

GOSPACE can extend your WiFi to hard to reach places in your house. Your device can stay connected to Wi-Fi even when it is connecting with GOSPACE. You can have full access to GOSPACE and the internet at the same time, no compromise.

Get limitless storage for your devices and never miss a backup for your photos, videos, and music.


Use SD cards to store and stream your entire music and movie libraries.


We all have different needs for storage. A music lover may need more space for songs, or you need space to keep all your selfies, photos, and videos.

With GOSPACE, you are finally free from the bars of your phone’s limited storage. GOSPACE is expandable with a swap of an SD card. There is no limit for your storage, so you can keep your memories.


Accidents happen, and backup is like having insurance.

It is priceless to be able to backup your devices and restore your precious data anytime. That’s why with GOSPACE, you can backup your whole phone or tablet within seconds and forget the cloud.

No matter if it’s just a few selfies on your phone or the whole hard disk on your laptop, GOSPACE can backup and restore them quickly and safely.

Using the latest in wireless charging, GOSPACE keeps your Android or Apple smartphone charged on-the-go.


Use GOSPACE to Qi charge your new iPhone or Android device.

Wireless connectivity is the core of GOSPACE, not only files and data can stream with your device wirelessly, GOSPACE also supports wired and wireless charging.

So you can charge your iPhone 8/ iPhone X or any other devices that support Qi open wireless charging standard 5W and 10W with GOSPACE.

GOSPACE’s battery lasts a week.

Support by it’s 5500 mAh internal battery, the software and hardware of GOSPACE are designed to maximize its power efficiency, that’s why GOSPACE can standby for more than a week and continue use for more than 10 hours.


GOSPACE Carrier – the GOSPACE anti-shock bag can protect your GOSPACE and carry a large number of wires, charging devices, headphones, SD cards etc., carry your personal cloud around effortlessly!

GOSPACE was designed to seamlessly blend Cloud and Local Storage.

After months of design and redesign, we have finally perfected GOSPACE.  You can seamlessly access your cloud and local storage all in one device.  We designed GOSPACE to perfectly blend into your digital life.



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