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Put simply: NOMAD floats on the surface of the water and has a compressor that takes fresh air and pumps it right down to the diver through a 40-foot hose. Each unit comes with an online training course that must be completed prior to diving. Everything you need to dive is in one easy-to-carry system, just grab your mask and fins and dive bLU3.

A high-quality breathing air compressor floats above the surface in an innovative, all-in-one housing while a 40-foot hose provides air to the divers below. The compressor only sends air when needed by monitoring pressure in the hose. The entire unit attaches to a backpack transportation mount that doubles as your dive harness. The dive harness has weight pockets on the back, so no need for an additional weight belt. The entire unit is battery-powered; charged with a single charge cable and can even be fully charged by an optional solar panel in about 3 hours.

One of the things that makes NOMAD ultra-portable is that it can be carried as a backpack when you’re heading to or from the dive site. You can hike, skateboard, walk, and more with your dive system comfortably resting on your back. This is achieved by utilizing the backpack dive harness – it’s dual purpose so you don’t end up with a clutter of extra gear. The nylon backplate is accompanied by Halcyon’s patent-pending quick-adjust system for a comfortable one-size-fits-all configuration.

Our current prototype attaches to the dive harness using bolts, but we are working on the design of a quick and easy click-in system. A quick-release will enable the user to simply place NOMAD on top of the dive harness and the two will snap together and easily separate.

We’ve built a functional prototype with the “Current Features” listed below. We need your help to integrate the “Future Features” and move into production. We’ll have all of these features integrated by the time we ship out your NOMAD 🙂

  • Auto-inflation – press inflate, and get ready to dive!
  • Watertight storage compartment for phone, wallet, etc.
  • Built-in USB charging port for mobile devices, cameras, etc.
  • Waterproof touch interface
  • Color LED Mode Indicator (Inflate, deflate, dive, low battery, etc)
  • Size and Weight – the production NOMAD will be significantly smaller and lighter than the current prototype.
  • Backpack Latching System – easily click the backpack dive harness on to and off of the NOMAD shell.
  • Low-Battery Alarm – an audible signal that notifies the diver that the battery voltage is low and he/she should begin to surface.
  • Sensor Package Modularity – electronics hardware and software to accept future development in sensor packages. GPS Tracking!
  • bLU3 Mobile Application – a mobile app that will connect to NOMAD and automatically transfer environmental data to an online database, store your GPS dive tracks and photos/videos, and more.
  • Segmented Lithium Ion Battery Packs – the battery pack will separate into modules that are each less than 100 Wh. This means that you’re able to take your NOMAD on a plane and bring your batteries, too.





NOMAD easily fits in even the smallest of vehicles!

NOMAD easily fits in even the smallest of vehicles!



Part of our mission at bLU3 is to develop a sensor package for NOMAD that seamlessly collect environmental data while you dive. The goal is to prevent “Environmental Amnesia” – a term used to describe the unnoticed decline of ocean health over decades. We have to keep track of what is happening before we can achieve any meaningful changes.

All you’ll have to do is connect NOMAD to your mobile app and it’ll automatically sync to an online database. The development of the sensor package is underway, but we cannot guarantee that it will be in production by the time that the first NOMAD units are sent out. Stay tuned so that you can keep up-to-date on our development in this area.


It’s about ease and enjoyment, exploration and adventure, memories and bonding. To Dive bLU3 is to enjoy the underwater world, while treating it with care. The bLU3 lifestyle involves enjoying this planet to its greatest potential, while practicing habits that promote a sustainable world. Together, we can spread the remarkable sport of diving and cultivate a beautiful bLU3 planet.



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