Zycle – The Premium & Smarter Folding eBike

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Go Fast. Go Far. Go Anywhere! We built Zycle to be a new type of electric ride that is made for the urban commuter. With speeds up to 20mph and range of 20-40mi, you’ll have the chance to see your city in a new way, while using green energy. The folding frame makes it easy to store, the swappable battery endlessly extends your range, and the smartphone app connects you to each ride in a new way. Most of all, it’s actually FUN TO RIDE. Zip past traffic and ride into the sunset.

Introducing the Zycle e-bike.

Zycle is compact enough to fit in your luggage yet powerfully equipped with a 250W motor, 20-40 mile range and a top speed of 20 mph. Engineered for performance & portability with a durable 6061 aircraft aluminum frame. Travel the distance & double your range in seconds with Zycle’s quick-swap battery.

The electric revolution is here, and Zycle is leading the charge. Reduce your carbon footprint, ditch the gridlock, and save yourself the hassle of a heavy bike. Aside from Zycle’s durability, the portable and interchangeable battery meets all FAA requirements, allowing you to fly with it!

Weighing in at only 42 lbs, including the battery, Zycle is one of the lightest eBikes on the road.

The quick fold system, makes it easy for you to take your Zycle with you anywhere and everywhere. It’s as simple as folding the frame, the stem, and adjusting the seat.

Crafted with 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, Zycle weighs 42lbs, including the 4lb battery. Compared to other eBikes on the market that weigh up to 45lbs, not including a battery. While Zycle is light, it is also strong, with a weight capacity of 330lbs.


With waterproof sealant and 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, Zycle can withstand all conditions. We’ve stress tested the durable 6061-grade aluminum frame to ensure it is high quality, long-lasting, and weatherproof, so your Zycle endures the city streets.


Travel the distance with a 250W motor, compact and adjustable battery, Tektro front and rear dual disc brakes, and much more. Not one for 100% electric? No problem, Zycle comes with a 5 level pedal assist Shimano gear system.

With a maximum torque of 35 N.m, Zycle can tackle hills with up to 45 degrees gradeability. Comprised of 6 gears and 5 levels of pedal assist, you can choose to ride your Zycle with assistance or without.

  • Throttle – You have the choice to pedal and not use the throttle or only use the throttle and make your Zycle 100% electric.
  • Pedal assist – Choose from 5 levels or pedal assist without a throttle. Level 1 is the lowest assist level with little help to level 5 which is the strongest assist level giving the rider extensive help. You also have the option to turn the pedal assist off, turning Zycle into a normal bike.

Designed to be compact and easily removable for ease of travel and convenience.

Each interchangeable lithium-ion 36V 7.8ah Samsung battery pack gives Zycle a range of 20-40 miles. Doubling as a power bank, with s USB port neatly hidden on the underside, so you can charge your small electronics on the go.

That’s not all! Approved by the FAA, you can easily travel with Zycle.


Using quality parts like Xenon head and tail lights, you are riding a machine built by bicyclists for bicyclists. Aside from providing light for safety, the Xenon lights use a minimal battery, giving you more distance for your ride!

With Zycle’s built-in Bluetooth technology and low maintenance self-controller, you can track mileage traveled and take care of any issues your Zycle might experience on your own.


Connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth, you can track your statistics including mileage, travel time, speed, battery level, mapped route, and even your CO2 emission reduction. Additionally, every time you turn your Zycle on, the app will run a diagnostics test to ensure everything is running smoothly.


With a built-in smart controller, Zycle runs a 60 point self-inspection of the controller and software so you are alerted to any issues with your bike before you start your ride. Just like your car’s oil change, Zycle will run mileage checks for routine maintenance every 3-5,000 miles.

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