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Lexip is the world’s first gaming mouse designed to be an all-in-one solution for your gaming needs across all types of games. It’s a high-performance gaming mouse which is intuitive, precise, and fast in all your favorite games.
What makes our mouse extremely innovative is the fact that we have merged two joysticks into an already amazing high-performance gaming mouse. This allows you to combine maneuvers, easily access load-outs, and control your character/vehicle like never before!

  • The First joystick is internal and controlled by tilting the mouse shell. Simply tilt your mouse shell up, down, left or right to control a variety of moves.


  • The second joystick is controlled by your thumb giving you ample customization, premium ergonomics, and a truly 3-Dimensional gaming experience without ever needing to add additional commands, keys or shortcuts.


Oh, and one last thing: We didn’t cut any corners with this mouse! We are using a premium gaming laser sensor, true mechanical joysticks, and design that promotes all-day comfort.

Add that all together and you get the first gaming mouse that can help you perform advanced combat maneuvers in Star Citizen, chain together rapid combos in League of Legends or World of Warcraft, score an epic off the backboard goal in Rocket League, and land consistent headshots in Overwatch! 

Our team development team is full of gamers, so we truly understand your needs. When we say we made a mouse for gamers designed by gamers, we mean it!


We wanted Lexip to offer a brand new way of interacting with your gaming mouse. That’s why we designed our mouse with two groups in mind: casual gamers and pro gamers. Our mouse has the functionality to help both groups of gamers enjoy their gaming experience on a much deeper level all while make them better at gaming! How cool is that?!

Lexip for Gamers

Lexip has the ability to give you a competitive edge in your favorite games all while simplifying your gaming setup. It can handle any genre you throw at it, performing better than:

  • Genre-specific gaming mice
  • Controllers
  • Joysticks
  • Flight sticks
  • and most other gaming setups

This is largely due to our mini joysticks, which are a complete miniaturization of full size, analog joysticks. Resulting in a natural feel with mechanical feedback and precision, just like those in the controllers you use every day.

Thanks to its freedom of movement, gamers can explore more intuitive and competitive ways of playing their favorite games. Here’s how Lexip can enrich your gaming experience and improve performance in some of the most popular gaming genres:

Space Simulators

Space simulators like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and Kerbal Space Program benefit the most from Lexip. It was designed for 3D environments and because of that, it serves as both a mouse and flight stick in one. Complex, sustained maneuvers are now easy to perform all while keeping your other hand on the keyboard for quick shortcuts. Depending on your preference, you can control the pitch, yaw, and roll of your craft with either your thumb or your palm.

Building Games

For games like Minecraft, you can switch through your slots, weapons, and items by using the thumb joystick and never need to use your keyboard! In games where you build, such as BeSeige and Fortnite, Lexip allows for placement of objects with ease. This increases both the speed and precision with which you place down blocks, walls, and objects giving you both a competitive edge and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Racing Games

When playing racing games, the internal joystick’s 300,000 position values can be used to provide accurate throttle and steering input, bringing the best of both mice and steering wheels for a fantastic feeling on Rocket League, GTA V, Trackmania, or any other racing game. You can accelerate, decelerate, brake, and rev your engine all by using the internal joystick of the mouse! This makes racing games much more intuitive and gives you unparalleled control over your driving experience.

First Person Shooters

Fans of FPS games will be able to use the internal joystick for intuitive left to right-leaning: perfect for Rainbow Six Siege and Arma 3. For other popular games such as Destiny and Call of Duty, Lexip allows you to switch loadouts, chain commands and control a full portion of your gaming experience without using any key bindings! The thumbstick can also be used for precise aiming and to control the level of magnification. Combine that with the precision gaming laser’s adjustable DPI (up to 8200) and speed/acceleration of 150ips/30G and you get a mouse that makes landing headshots easy.

MMOs and MOBAs  

For MMO and MOBA players, Lexip’s joysticks can be configured to rapidly string together abilities, creating powerful combos. The precision gaming laser also helps with high actions per minute while the ergonomic design keeps your hand and wrist comfortable during intense play. Another way to use the mouse’s innovative joysticks is to manipulate your map. Testers discovered and made use of this in games such as League of Legends, you can scroll through the whole map simply by using the thumb joystick all while keeping full control over your team straetgy.

Lexip for Pro Users

Lexip isn’t just a gaming mouse, its a mouse for designers, engineers and home/office power users too. The speed and precision of the mouse, along with its intuitive joysticks, will boost productivity no matter the application. Additionally, the ergonomic design will promote wrist and hand health as well as all-day comfort.

With Lexip, you can map the buttons and joystick to functions for each of your programs, quickly changing to that program’s macro to do things like copy and paste, navigate tabs/pages, and navigate 3D scenes/design spaces.

Lexip for Lefties

We didn’t want to leave anyone out. That’s why we are designing a left-hand specific version of Lexip. The left-handed version makes no design compromises, keeping thumbstick placement and usage intuitive.

We made Lexip for all types of gamers. In doing so, we had to consider the fact that everyone is different. Which is why we incorporated an impressive amount of customizability in our mouse.

With Lexip, you’re able to change almost everything about the mouse – creating an experience that feels natural and intuitive. With our custom control panel, there’s a lot to tweak.We’ve covered all the necessities for competitive gaming and productivity with the ability to:

  • set program-specific macros
  • adjust the PixArt ADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor’s DPI
  • change the sensitivity of both joysticks
  • adjust deadzones
  • and more!

This helps you to maximize your effectiveness both in game and out. You can also use the control panel to change RGB lighting.

Speaking of RGB lighting, we went all out. No, that doesn’t mean we used an obnoxious amount of LED lighting. Instead, our design is subtle featuring three zones of full RGB lighting.

The zones include the logo, top button, and bottom shell. Pick any color you’d like and pair it with animations like wave, disco, and more to make Lexip blend in with your battle station.



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