Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Commences Without Mention Of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

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Capcom has announced commencement of their Capcom Pro Tour, their multi-tournament fighting game tour, but curiously does not mention the recently-released Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite at all.


“Street Fighter fans,” Capcom’s blog post reads, “the wait is almost over. Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) 2018 is nearly upon us and we’re proud to feature Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Season 3 this year.”


Last year, despite Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite having not been released for the beginning of the Pro Tour, plans were still made to include it, and it culminated with the Battle for the Stones event at PSX in December. This year, there is nary a mention of the game within Capcom’s public facing esports initiative, with all support having been poured into the recent update to Street Fighter V.


This year’s two premier events are Final Round in Atlanta, GA on March 16, and NorCal Regionals in Sacramento, CA on March 30. If you’re looking for Street Fighter V tournaments to watch early on, those will be the two to look out for.


[Source: Capcom]


Our Take
It had been a given until relatively recently that Marvel would show up on the Capcom Pro Tour, even if it didn’t show up anywhere else. I doubt this is a complete refocus on Street Fighter V as much as it is a vote of no confidence that the investment in pushing MvCI is going to be worth it.

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