BeeboBox Smart Music Lighting Controller

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Beebobox is a unique audiovisual control console that automatically syncs your music to light in real time. With our patent pending audio reactive technology, you can create magical light shows with any type of music genres in just a click of button.

Why is BeeboBox Different

To create stunning music synchronized light shows could be very difficult and expensive. Current options often cost up to thousand of dollars in lighting gears and hours to program with DMX controller.

BeeboBox simplified the entire process and made personal music lighting experience better than never before.


THE VIBE You’ve Been Missing

In 1982, the idea of home theater system was introduced as a step-down version from movie theaters.

In the new era of 2018, we have created BeeboBox with the same idea, but to bring the vibes from music festivals and concerts into your personal space.



Prototype Demo


BeeboBox allows lightshows to sync with all music genres. After trying different channeling combinations to create the best result, we have finalized the lighting output into two channels: Bass and Vocal.


Easy to Setup, Simple to Use




Beebo is extremely easy to setup. Fascinating lightshows are created even without any controls from apps. We focused on user experiences, aim to create the best quality lighting environment with a single touch of play button.



1. Connect BeeboBox with any speaker.



2. Plug-in any lighting fixtures.



3. Connect smart phone with BeeboBox via Bluetooth and PLAY music.



The Limitless Platform


With standard 110v-240v outlets, BeeboBox is not constrained by different lighting plugins. You can connect any existing lighting fixtures from floor lamps to professional laser lightings. We strive to offer a platform for endless possibilities. The sky is your limit!

BeeboBox uses bypass power transfer technology and built with a 25w power supply that allows the entire unit to hold voltage input up to 3000v. In another word, you can plug in 200+ Christmas lights and use them at the same time.

BeeboLight, The Perfect Match


To expand the full potential of BeeboBox, we want to also introduce the BeeboLight, a super LED light box with more than 16 thousand color combinations.



Brightness Upgrade

We have entirely re-engineered and upgraded the WS2812 low power LEDs with BeeboTech. Now, each BeeboLight carries up to 50w shine power.

The Digitalize Analog.

We program coded unique color patterns into the BeeboLight as default to sync perfect with BeeboBox. On top of that, you can also use the precise analog color wheel to customize your own creativities.


Avoid Tangled Cables.

We focused on all aspects of user experiences and created a thoughtful cabling system. We’ve made setup easy even taking it to a friend’s place.


Smart Ways to Connect

Option 1 – Direct: Plug in BeeboLight directly to BeeboBox. Maximum Connection Amount: 8


Option 2 – Daisy Chain: Light to light. Maximum Connection Amount: No Limit


Option 3 – Wireless: BeeboLight with wireless feature. Connection diameter up to 100ft. Maximum Connection Amount: 300

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