EGaming, Aegis Defenders is out today!

We’re happy to announce the release of Aegis Defenders on Thursday, February 8 in the Humble Store!

Presented by Humble Bundle, Aegis Defenders is a co-op 2D Action-Platformer combined with Tower-Defense combat.

Discover a beautiful place lost to time, brimming with dangerous beasts, forgotten ruins, and powerful relics. Switch between four different characters at anytime, each with their own unique, upgradeable arsenals. Each of the 18 expansive levels concludes in a Tower Defense Battle – adapt your strategy to ever evolving challenges! Aegis Defenders is available for Steam, Sony PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Guts Department

GUTS Department is an independent games developer which aims to reignite the magic and imagination of classic 16-bit era titles by combining the best of old school flair with new school gameplay.  The studio Kickstarted Aegis Defenders in 2014 and has been working on it ever since.


The universe of Aegis Defenders has been brewing in the mind of Creative Director Bryce Kho (Bloom, GameDesk) for years.  When the opportunity came to unveil a piece of the story as a game, he formed Guts Department to help bring the concept to life.

Aegis Defenders had its start as a project for the University of Southern California’s “Intermediate Games” class.  Taught by Richard Lemarchand (Uncharted, Naughty Dog) and Peter Brinson (The Cat and the Coup, Rehearsals and Returns), the class focuses on guiding the development of experimental projects over the course of a semester.  When Bryce’s completed demo was met by obsessive playtesters, the team knew they had something special.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Guts Department set out to develop the game. The team has changed a bit over the years but with the help of Lead Engineer Kristen Kho (PopCap Games), Lead Producer Max Palazzo (Syndicate Atomic, Activision-Blizzard), & Designer Mike Effenberger (Syndicate Atomic, Disney Interactive), Guts Department is excited to deliver a truly unique take on the platformer & tower-defense genres.

Aegis Defenders Description

Aegis Defenders is a Metroidvania-style action platformer featuring Tower Defense combat for Mac/PC & PS4.  You play as Bart, a machinist capable of reviving lost technologies, and his granddaughter Clu, an ace hunter and trapsmith, as they search for the one thing that can save their village from an encroaching empire – an ancient weapon known as Aegis.

The World of Aegis Defenders

Humanity has been brought to the dark ages by a great calamity but remnants of a once highly advanced civilization still exist.  In this world where control over lost technologies equals power and nations worship humanoid robots like gods, two explorers from a small village have just discovered Aegis, the legendary weapon said to have brought on the calamity.  Although its true purpose remains mysterious, one thing is certain – powerful people will stop at nothing to obtain it.

Game Features

Uncover a Gorgeous 16-bit World
The look and feel of Aegis Defenders is a love letter to an era of games when the sprite graphics of games like Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, and the Legend of Zelda captured our imaginations.  Featuring 16-bit inspired sprite visuals, every detail in the world of Aegis is painstakingly hand painted.


Defense Inspired Combat
Aegis Defenders features fast-paced, flexible combat fueled by defense mechanics.  Players must utilize Bart’s ability to craft powerful defensive and offensive structures as well as Clu’s arsenal of firearms and traps to survive an onslaught of monsters coming from all directions.  With the ability to combine and upgrade Bart and Clu’s abilities on the fly using our “Fusion System,” no two playthroughs are alike.

Dynamic Character Swapping
The dynamic character swapping feature allows players to switch between up to 4 characters at anytime.  Survival will depend on the player’s ability to utilize the passive abilities of inactive characters just as effectively as active characters.

Cooperative & Tailored Gameplay
Too dangerous to go alone?  Play the entire story campaign cooperatively with a friend using our drop-in/drop-out splitscreen co-op, or if you’re looking for a challenge, try testing your skill with our multiple difficulty tiers.


  • ​Play as up to four different heroes at once using our dynamic character swapping system, each with their own unique set of equipment and abilities:
    • BART: The Engineer
    • CLU: The Hunter
    • KAIIM: The Monk
    • ZULA: The Thief​
  • Utilize an arsenal of over 20+ different turrets & traps to defeat massive waves of enemies
  • Play with a friend at any time with Drop-in / Drop-out local splitscreen Co-op
  • Upgrade your equipment through an in-game shop and unlock new “fusions” that allow heroes to combine turrets with themselves or even each other
  • Experience an epic story that spans across the world of Elam
  • Strategize your way to victory across 18 different levels and an estimated 8-10 hours of gameplay

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