Arara Battery-Free Bicycle Lights

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Safely ride your bike at night with the Arara Battery-Free Bicycle Lights. The Arara Lights work using strong neodymium magnets, so you don’t have to worry about charging your lights. Similarly, you’ll never have to replace a battery. The lights easily mount to your wheels and light up their entire diameter, making them visible from every angle. The LED lights also provide high-energy efficiency. Furthermore, there are no moving parts or friction with the Arara Lights. With this, you won’t notice any drag on the wheel. The lights simply turn on when you start to cycle and dim when you stop. The Arara Lights are also lightweight and water-resistant. They even work in temperatures as low as -15F. Finally, the Arara bicycle lights are available in six vibrant colors.

Designed to keep you safe

Arara improves your visibility from any angle.
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Weather resistant

Arara is unaffected by water or dust.
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Multiple colors


Designed in Siberia

Guaranteed to work at -25 °C (-13 °F).
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Tech specs

Instant power on, or longer fade to black?
Two models to choose from.
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