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Nireeka® is the smartest electric bicycle ever: • Purpose-Built frame with hidden battery • Built-in App (iOS, Android) • Assist mode based on heartbeat • Blind spot radar • GPS navigator • Anti-Theft system (GPS tracking) • Autolight with 3 different lighting styles And because of its carbon fiber frame and parts, the bike weighs only 35 lbs.




Nireeka is a beautifully designed smart e-bike with a carbon fiber frame and powerful motor at an affordable price.


You can ride Nireeka as a normal bike with the 10 speed Shimano gears. But the real joy comes from the 500w electric hub motor.
You can cruise smoothly through your neighborhood at up to 20 mph (32 km/h) and with the range up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge, Nireeka takes you further and makes your commute a wonderful experience.






Solid Frame
Tested beyond the boundaries


Nireeka is NOT a downhill bike but it does not mean we have not pushed it too hard and break its limits.


Carry it anywhere because it’s Featherlight!
The frame itself weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), and the entire bike weighs less than 15.5 kg (35 lbs).


iOS/Android App
Nireeka app is compatible with iOS and Android-based devices

When you’re approaching your bike, your cell phone connects to the bike using Bluetooth and unlocks it!

Nireeka comes with a mobile phone holder on the handlebar, which allows you to easily navigate your way to your destination.


USB Charger
With a built-in USB charger, you can keep your devices charged up as you ride.


Full Suspension
Enjoy the smooth riding with our full suspension system

X-Fusion is focused on a simple concept: build high quality, all metal suspension systems that provide a higher level of performance and durability.


Hydraulic Disk Brake
zero compromises on safety!

Shimano hydraulic disk brake front and rear (The Homie model only)
and Shimano cable disk brake for the other models


Unlimited Colors ($200 USD)
Any color/Any Vinyl

We offer 6 different main colors but don’t worry if you don’t like any of them! We make it possible to choose any color you like. You can even upload any custom vinyl you like and we print it on the frame!

After pledging for Nireeka on Indiegogo, you will be able to choose the color of your Nireeka through our database:, where it will be possible to log in 14 days after your purchase date.

Attention: In order to get a custom color, you have to buy the Unlimited Color/vinyl perk.


Blind sport radar
Your safety is our priority and this system keeps you safe and sound!

Two ultrasonic radars on the bike avoid cars and pedestrian collision. The screen turns red and shows you an alarm in case of detection of an approaching vehicle to inform you the existence of a vehicle in your blind spot.


Anti-theft System

Anti-Theft system is a device which prevents unauthorized access to your bike.

Upon detection of theft, it will immediately raise an alarm/flasher and notify you with necessary details like geographical locations, time stamp, state of the bike while theft occurred i.e.

You can track your bike immediately using your app and find your bike easily.


Heartbeat Assist
Your health comes first!

Nireeka gives you 3 pedal assist levels and a heartbeat assist mode. The higher heartbeat * you get, the more assist you get from the motor. You can also calibrate the percentage of assist based on your heart rate using your app.

* The app gets the heartbeat data from your smartwatch.


Powerful Lights
Special Auto-Light System

CUBE Light Set PRO 25The light set is StVZO (road traffic regulations) approved, consists of CUBE front light PRO 25 and CUBE rear light PRO. PRO 25 with 25 lux and gets the electricity directly from the bicycle battery.




If you’re not sure what size is suitable for you, please check it here.


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