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Nido Robotics is disrupting underwater discovery and research. We started this project with one simple idea in mind: to design an underwater robot capable of commercial work and science, but that was affordable enough for everyone to access, even when not used for business purposes. The Sibiu (Seaview) Nano is the result of taking field experience, industry best practices,and the cutting edge of opensource robotic technology and simplifying it all down to a super portable package.

Nido Robotics is disrupting underwater discovery and research

We started this project with one simple idea in mind: create a low cost and efficient underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and make it available to everyone from the classrooms to professional industry users. We at Nido Robotics believe that scientific research and underwater exploration should be open and accessible to everyone. Our team has had the opportunity to work with some of the best ROV equipment in the world. However, we became frustrated that these ROVs were expensive (thousands if not millions of dollars) and in some cases very complicated to use. Since 2015 we have been working to solve this problem, and today we are ready to share that work with you.


Underwater exploration belongs to everyone

The ocean covers our earth. Covering more than 70% of our planet, water drives weather, regulate temperature, and ultimately support life. To date, 95 percent of our oceans have never been seen by human eyes. We believe that underwater exploration is incredibly important and it needs to be accessible for everyone to contribute.


The Sibiu Nano will change underwater exploration

We built the nano with one goal in mind. Provide a portable and easily accessible underwater ROV that performs well above its weight class. We think the Sibiu Nano delivers on that goal. We have gone to great lengths to ensure a complete underwater ROV experience.



  • The Sibiu Nano was designed to be an ultra-portable and highly efficient underwater ROV.
  • The Sibiu Nano uses software that is fully supported by a large community and allows for complete customization.
  • The Sibiu Nano is powerful enough to handle a 2-knot underwater current and still perform well.
  • Low cost means underwater exploration is now available to everyone.
  • The Sibiu Nano is entirely customizable with additional accessories.



Perfect educational solution

The Sibiu Nano was already great for educational purposes, but we decided to make a few minor changes to the hardware to make it even easier to build and take apart over and over again, creating a version specific for educational purposes. This unique educational version will also come with a documentation package developed by and for educators, providing a framework that will allow you to use the Sibiu Nano to teach physics, chemistry, electronics, software, and of course, marine sciences.


Continue reading to discover what you will help bring to the world if you support our efforts.




Hardware – Sibiu Nano



The Sibiu Nano is made with a lot of practical uses in mind, and the Sibiu Nano’s construction allows for robust operation. Whether you are a prosumer looking to get incredible underwater shots to share with your friends and family, a ship operator who needs an efficient ROV to perform maintenance checks while docked, or a scientist looking for a solution to collect data underwater, the Sibiu Nano has you covered.

The basic package comes with 6 thrusters and an HD camera that streams live video through a 50m long cable, called tether, to the surface, where it connects to any computer. We normally use a laptop and a gamepad controller to pilot the ROV. Because of its open and modular design and materials choice, it’s super easy to add additional payload like dimmable lights, chemical sensors like conductivity, pH, DO or ORP,  additional cameras and so on. The tether can also be personalized to your specific needs; the theoretical max range is 2000m, we’ve personally tested it to 300m, and clients have reported having used 700m without any degradation of video quality. We also have a series of upgrades that you can add on at checkout or down the road.



  • Six thrusters for maximum maneuverability
  • Designed for work, science & education
  • Automatic Depth Hold
  • Automatic Heading Control
  • Maximum Operating Depth of 100m
  • Neutrally buoyant tether length up to 1000m (50m included by default)
  • Easily swappable battery for all-day operation (11,1V – 6,2Ah included in RTD version)
  • Super portable (5kg, 38cm x 27 cm x 26 cm)
  • Depth and temperature, IMU and heading sensors
  • Full HD video live streamed to the surface
  • 1 x 200g ballast weights allows for easy payload addition
  • Open Source software and hardware
  • A platform that is easy to modify and to upgrade as your needs evolve over time




Sibiu Nano Operating Manual

Sibiu Nano Spec Sheet



Maker Edition

The Maker Edition has been conceived for hobbyists and makers who wish to get involved in the build process. Its a fantastic tool for learning underwater robotics, and once finished, a fantastic tool for exploring the lakes and oceans of our planet, or a tool for getting into the business of underwater inspection. The Maker Edition comes as a semi-assembled kit and contains all the parts needed to build the ROV, except a few of common hand tools. No potting or soldering is required. Includes 50m tether, but no charger and battery since we believe most people in this group would already have such things.

Ready To Dive (RTD) Edition

The RTD edition is assembled and tested at our facility, and then field tested prior to shipping. They come with battery, charger, a remote and 50m tether and are ready to plug into your laptop and dive.

Educator Edition

When we considered making a version specifically for educators, it was because we saw the need for being able to build the robot and take it apart repeatedly. The result is a few changes to the hardware to better allow for this. In addition, we have teamed up with educators to develop an “Educators’ Manual” that will be delivered together with the kits and provide hints on how to use the build process to teach different subjects like physics, chemistry, math, electronics, programming, and once built, marine biology and environmental studies. The educator edition comes with the Educators’ Manual, 5 x Sibiu Nano Kits with 50m tether, 5 x batteries & 5 x chargers. All other extras can be added to the order as you see fit.


In order to add any of the accessories below, just add the corresponding amounts to your pledge.

Led lights

1500 lumen each. We didn’t include the light as standard because we don’t think they are needed in all use cases. For working in deep or dark environments, we recommend adding 2 or 4 lights. For full specs:…

  • 2 lights – Regular Price 199€ – Campaign Price 149€
  • 4 lights – Regular Price 379€ – Campaign Price 289€


Waterproof hard-plastic transport case

The waterproof hard plastic transport case is a 100l / 9,6 kg trolley case with IP67 / DEF STAN 81-41 / STANAG 4280 classification, wheels, extendable handle and cubed foams.


Large capacity tether reel with slip-ring

The tether reel and slipring is a great add-on when you have additional tether and want an easy way to manage it. Regular Price 149€ – Campaign Price 99€


Low light USB Camera

This Low-Light HD USB Camera is ideally suited to use underwater with excellent low-light performance, good color handling, and onboard video compression. A specially-chosen wide-angle, low distortion lens provides excellent picture quality on the ROV. Regular Price (for upgrade) 59€ – Campaign Price 44€ More info:…


Dome end cap for larger FOV / wide angle camera

The dome shape reduces drag on your vehicle and allows for extra room within the enclosure for additional electronics, sensors, or a camera! It has a wider field of view than that of a flat end cap. It’s optically clear and won’t warp or distort your footage. Regular Price 29€ – Campaign Price 19€

Chemical Sensors (currently available: Ph, Conductivity, ORP, DO)

We are working on an integration of Atlas Scientific’s environmental sensors. Due to space restrictions inside the electronics tube, this will be limited to one sensor when integrated directly with the Sibiu Nano. Special campaign prices will be offered to all campaign backers.

Underwater Positioning System

The Sibiu Nano can be integrated with Waterlinkeds underwater location system. You can read more about it here:… Send us an email to if you are interested in this integration, and we’ll send you a quote.

We are using an Open Source software stack for both the ROV side and surface control side. In the ROV we are using “Ardusub,” ( a stable software that has been in professional use for almost two years and is under constant improvement by the Ardusub community; and for the control side, we are using QGroundControl, available for Win10, OSx and Linux.

This software stack provides a set of significant benefits as opposed to other, closed-source solutions:

  • GPLv3 license gives you freedom to modify the code to suit your own needs, and later do whatever you want with your software (share it with the community or keep it for yourself)
  • Large, international communities providing support and development making it company agnostic
  • The same software used in larger ROVs like the BlueROV2 and our Sibiu Pro, meaning that upgrading later to a more powerful ROV with more considerable payload capability has a flat learning curve
  • Our software page is


Read more…

  • Got any news, tips or want to contact us directly? Email


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