VIXA boards 67kph The best electric Mountainboard

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Once we asked ourselfs, why any motor powered transportation system has to be heavier than a regular human? Our aim is to overcome this issue, by offering a small vehicle which is cool and useful everyday life. Among tons of available elextric boards, we struggeled to find one which can be used on any ground and represents great quality for decend price. So here we are with VIXA Boards, the best Crossover electric boards within your reach!



We value your mobility

Our main focus is practicality. Maximum speed of up to 67km/h and a range of up to 40km will meet all your requirements. 9 “pneumatic wheels will deal with  any surface unevenness.



We value your individuality

Don’t be dull! Stand out from the crowd!
Send us your graphic design and we will put it on your VIXA Board.



Are your brave enough to take
on the strongest electric board on earth?

VIXA board’s drive with a total power of 5,5kW (7,48kM) can overcome any obstacle.


Comfort and safety without killing

the joy of ride is our priority

Ergonomic profiling of the board allows better twisting balance.


Wheels 9″

Don’t be affraid of curbs.



Don’t waste energy. Use your regenerative braking system.


Water resistant

Don’t be afraid to cross puddles.


Flexible deck

Have a smooth ride.


Take the turns comfortable and confident.


We value your money

We offer a solid design, the highest quality materials
and solutions developed especially for you.



We love our boards and we keep searching for the best solutions. Our goal is to kindle the flame of passion for changing your lifestyle into an active one. Get on the VIXA board and leap ahead of humanity.


Digital Mockup

Trust our engineering skills.


Trust in us.






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