Kylin M: 3-axis stabilizer for lightweight cameras

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The Kylin M is the world’s first 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with a single rotatable handle designed to provide ease and better filming output. It is primarily designed for mirrorless DC, phones and action cameras, with photo focus/shutter button, video recording button and zoom control on its unique rotatable handle. NOTE: On mobile phone, click “READ THE STORY” below


KYLIN M: Rebranding the Concept of Filming


The Kylin M is the world’s first revolutionary gimbal stabilizer with a rotatable handle designed to provide ease and better filming output. Its flexible design improves filming accuracy and makes filming more convenient than using traditional gimbals.

Its multi-axis stabilizing technology balances the filming device in real time and effectively eliminates video blurs and shakes caused by natural arm movements. And the built-in BUS system allows for extending more useful functions and unique controls.

Who can use the Kylin M?

Kylin M is an excellent stabilizer choice for professional videographers, semi-professional videographers, amateur videographers and camera enthusiasts who want to enjoy smooth and convenient video filming.
Its design allows for the ultimate user experience as it lets camera owners get best use of their cameras. It is ideal for a broad range of filming projects including wedding videography, microfilming, music video shoots, sports filming and so much more.

wedding film demo

Filmed with a Kylin M and Fujifilm XT-20 mirrorless DC, with a 18-50/F2.8-4 lens

Why is Kylin M Unique?

Physical design (visible items):

  • The world’s first rotatable handle design, enables you to carry it with ease in addition to the standard fishing rod carry position. Carry mode makes it much easier to film at different angles especially for low angle shoot.
  • With Snoppa’s special control cable (option), you can directly control the photo shutter/focus, video record, and zoom for popular cameras (Sony and Panasonic for the time being) making filming more convenient.
  • Roll track mode is supported, in addition to pan track, omni track and lock modes.
  • Light and portable. Compared with other big gimbals, the Kylin M has a lighter body and is primarily designed for lightweight cameras. Paired with the unique carry mode, a videographer has more flexibility and filming freedom.

System design (non visible items):

  • The Kylin M has a parallel bus (instead of a serial port that most other gimbals have), which has excellent extension capabilities. We’ve preserved a bus interface port on the handle (the hole above the zoom button) through which the Kylin M can already equip many accessories and support for many more in the near future.
  • Using our own independently developed algorithms, specially developed over four years, has great controllable stability, excellent adaptability, and more extendable abilities.

Compatible with various lightweight filming devices

The Kylin M is primarily created for lightweight cameras and is compatible with lightweight DSLR, mirrorless DC, mobile phones and action cameras. It comes with a special control cable which lets users control shutter/focus, video recording and zoom conveniently.

Two Transformable Handling Modes

Unlike other gimbal stabilizers which allow for straight holding only, Kylin M comes with 2 handling modes; the straight holding mode (which is suitable for high angle and medium angle filming) and the carry mode (which is best for low angle filming). Users can film easily at various angles because of its unique design.




Demo film of carry mode shooting at low angles

Also mobile phone compatible

Kylin M is the ideal stabilizer for mobile phone filming enthusiasts who like to use their mobile phones with other heavy camera accessories for high-quality filming output. It provides the balance between small scale handheld phone stabilizers (which does not allow inclusion of external camera accessories) and big scale stabilizers (which allow for inclusion of accessories but are too big for carrying convenience)

In the above picture, the iPhone7 plus mounted on Kylin M is equipped with Zeiss Exo wide-angle lens, and Shure MV88 microphone. In addition, you can also add a light on it if necessary.

Test with Kylin M and iphone7

All Controls Integrated in the Handle Panel

With our specially designed connecting cable, you have direct shooting control for some popular cameras with buttons right on the handle, including focus/photo shutter, video record and zoom.

Currently supported camera control: Panasonic Lumix GH4/GH5, Sony mirrorless DC.

1/4 inch screw extendable

The bottom of the Kylin M’s handle has a ¼ inch threaded hole for users to connect a tripod. This allows you to sit the camera on a spot and helps to extend other ways of filming controls.



Following Modes

Filmmakers can shoot via various different modes.

Pan track mode
Roll and tilt axes are locked, pan left and right following the arm movement, pushing the joystick up and down to tilt.

Lock mode
Pan, roll and tilt axes are all locked, pushing the joystick to pan or tilt.

Omni track mode
Roll axis is locked, pan and tilt following the arm movement.

Roll track mode
Pan and tilt axes are locked,  gimbal can be rolled by pushing the joystick left and right, or by rolling your arm.

Strength and Durability in a Lightweight Body

The body of Kylin M is made of light-weight, high-strength aluminum-alloy, which gives the Kylin M a strong but light body. The high precision multi-axis CNC processing makes every bit of the parts’ details accurate, and makes it functions stable as well.

The extremely light-weight Kylin M comes in at just 980g/2.16 lb (including the batteries) while its payload capacity reaches up to 1300g/2.87 lb, compatible with almost all mirrorless digital cameras on the market, as well as mobile phones, action cameras and even some models of DSLR cameras.

Notice: 1300g(2.87 lb) is just a rough estimation. The payload depends not only on the weight of the whole filming device (camera + lens), but also the position of its center of gravity.

If the weight is over 1300g but the center of gravity is close to the gimbal, it may also work.


Unique Foldable Handle Design

For Portability

The Kylin M’s unique rotatable and foldable handle design allows it to be folded into carry mode.

When the Kylin M is folded into carry mode, the dimensions are only 22 wide and 25cm long, and it can easily fit in a bag for transport.

Robust Stabilizing Performance

With high-torque brushless motors, a 32 bit high-speed MCUs, high accuracy gyroscope sensors, and a new generation of attitude control algorithms, our newly developed close-loop control system achieves a near instant response of 0.16ms, enabling impressive stability with high accuracy and smooth tracking control while filming.


High Decoupling System

With our brand new attitude resolving algorithm, each controlling axis is separated from each other, in order to avoid mutual interference.

BUS Backup Design

Extendable Bus Interface

Thanks to the application of a local network controller, we’ve separately preserved a bus interface on the gimbal plate and handle, through which we can attach accessories adding more options and convenience.

Example of BUS interface application 


Camera Control Cable

(optional accessory)

With the Kylin M’s built-in bus system and our specially designed control cable accessory, we can realize the camera control through the handle buttons, realizing functions of photo focus/shutter, video record and zoom.


Dual Power Source that Keeps Your Camera Charged and Running

Kylin M is equipped with 2 Li-ion batteries 26500 (3200mAh), which can support at least 12 hours of runtime. With the control cable connected, when the gimbal is powered on, it can directly charge your camera to prevent a dead battery from interrupting/ruining your shoot.

Easy Camera Balance Adjustment

Auto calibration

The built-in gyroscope is normally sensitive to the surroundings, and the Kylin M may drift automatically or becomes unleveled after startup when it is brought to another place or after a long distance transport. In this case you will need to carry out the calibration process to solve it.

The calibration is carried out easily through the app, including drift calibration and level calibration.

Snoppa App

Our existing Snoppa App has had all the features for controlling the Kylin M stabilizer as well as altering the gimbal’s weight compensation and movement speeds.

The App can be used to remotely control the angle and facing of the gimbal, enabling the user to setup the gimbal on a tripod and control it from a distance.

Convenient Wireless Firmware Updates

In order to add more and more control functions to Kylin M in the future, we will continuously release firmware updates. To upgrade your device, you don’t need to go through the trouble of installing a desktop application on your computer and connecting your gimbal device with a USB cable (an outdated method). All upgrade operations can be done wirelessly via the app!

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