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Why Buy a PowerPod Case?

With a new wireless charging AirPod Case coming out later this year, many AirPod users will purchase a brand new case that looks exactly like the old one with the added bonus of wireless charging. Few will be able to sell their old case simply because Apple’s new wireless charging AirPod Case won’t include some new AirPods inside.

My goal is to avoid this dilemma entirely by adding wireless charging to my existing AirPod Case. Buying a new case from Apple forces me to replace my old case. The PowerPod Case gives me the ability to add function, protection, and style to an existing AirPod Case that does not deserve to be retired so soon.


The Design

Initial Concept Sketch
Initial Concept Sketch

The PowerPod Case is made from high-quality silicone that conforms snugly to the AirPod case. I decided to use silicone for two major reasons. Firstly, silicon is a durable material that can be easily formed to any shape. Secondly, silicon is heat resistant and acts as an ideal insulator between the wireless charging coil and the AirPod Case.

Working Prototype
Working Prototype

The electronics inside the case are designed to be slim and invisible to the user. From the outside, you won’t even realize that there is tech pressed between two layers silicone. The technology inside uses common wireless charging standards. A simple copper coil installed in the back of the case transfers energy from any charging pad to your AirPod Case. A flush lighting cable fixed at the bottom of the silicon allows you to easily slide in and connect your AirPod Case.

Finally Completely Wireless
Finally Completely Wireless

The Added Environmental Benefit

With every new product that comes out today, an even better product is bound to come out tomorrow. Although getting the latest and greatest gadget can be an exhilarating feeling, ultimately your shiny new gadget ends up in a landfill just a few years after you buy it.

In addition to being a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new AirPod Case from Apple, the PowerPod Case prevents more batteries from being thrown away and causing drastic effects on the environment. The cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, and lithium inside your AirPod Case will slowly corrode causing pollution to soil and water. The chemical reactions in the battery can even cause landfill fires that can release toxic chemicals into the air. Increasing the longevity of a tech product not only protects your wallet, but also the water you drink and the air you breathe.

The Game Plan

February: Make some new Kickstarter friends

March: Finalize manufacturing agreements and product design

April/May: Final prototype delivery by manufacturer and quality assurance testing

June: Initiate final product manufacturing and packaging

July: Begin fulfillment of orders to Kickstarter backers

August: Sell final product through online website and other online retailers

Risks and challenges

As a student, I am full of ideas but limited in capital. The PowerPod Case quickly transformed from an idea to a product. With prototypes built and logistical work completed, the final step is to manufacture this product so that others can also make their AirPods completely wireless.

That’s where you come in! As a supporter of this product, you will be helping me manufacture the PowerPod so that I can bring it to market before summer this year. This Kickstarter will provide the necessary capital to create custom charging coils and silicon molds for the mass production of a high-quality wireless charging solution for your AirPods.

This will be the second product idea I have brought to market. Additionally, I have many colleges, friends, and family members who have brought similar products to market before and will seek their advice through the process. With your support, we can make the PowerPod a reality.

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