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We are in love with this project and we already made a few happy customers who appreciated the product and its beauty.

Now we would like to invest in warehouse procurement and marketing, in order to produce our bikes faster while having the most part and motors available.

We believe that investing in marketing allows us to have greater visibility and expand our customers, both through participation in industry events and through targeted actions directly on potential customers.

In detail the Funding Break down should be 15% for marketing and 85% for warehouse.

Moreover, being able to improve our warehouse, will allow us, to purchase what is necessary for the manufacturing at a better cost than the present one and also improve the final street price.

The two bikes already produced, Icaro and Demon, are handmade by craftsmen with the typical care that goes into a unique product of its kind. We also can build special e-bikes as per customer request, as you can see below.


One day we received from a client the photo of the mighty Captain America, the famous chopper. He asked us to build an ebike replica for him .. here you can find the phases of creation of the model:

the Project
the Project


working on
working on




is an hard work...
is an hard work…


and finally
and finally


here we are!
here we are!


We produce our bike in Italy by hand. Frames cames from Europe and we build the whole bike by hand, adapting it to the client’s measurements, height and weight in particular.

They will be colored according to the customer’s choices as well as the engines that start from 250V up to 750V.


Icaro wants to be a “dandy” of the bike.

With its retro appearance it takes you where you want with refinement

Icaro Inspiration
Icaro Inspiration







can we call it ART?
can we call it ART?



Demon bike:

represents for us the essence of elegance.

A bike that stands out without exaltation, with its own charm.

working on the frame
working on the frame





and that's all
and that’s all



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