Cheap IKEA LADDA batteries outperform expensive Eneloop Pro batteries in speedlight test

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Good batteries aren’t cheap… or maybe they are. Putting that notion to the test is Martin Cheung, who recently published a video in which he tests the recycle speeds of inexpensive rechargeable IKEA LADDA batteries against more expensive Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries using Godox TT685 flashes. The results are surprising: the LADDA batteries actually demonstrated a noticeably faster recycle speed versus the Eneloop Pros.

The test was performed using both flashes, meaning the batteries were swapped to the opposite unit for retesting to ensure the difference wasn’t due to the hardware rather than the energy cells. The one caveat is that this is a test of recycle speed only—as Cheung explains in the video, he did not test the number of flashes the batteries are capable of powering.

Looking at each battery model’s specs, the Eneloop Pros ($21 per AA 4-pack) boast a 2550mAh rating, while the Ikea LADDA ($7 per AA 4-pack) have a slightly lower 2450mAh capacity. Assuming the two sets are capable of powering a similar number of flashes, however, the faster recycling speed and one-third cost of IKEA’s batteries make them the clear winner in this comparison.


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