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According to GameSpot

After a leak last week claimed the new Battlefield will be set in World War II, a new report has now seemingly brought more details to light on the upcoming shooter. GamesBeat originally leaked Battlefield V–as the game is rumored to be titled–and it has now followed up with more information about the game’s campaign and mechanics.

Firstly, the site claims Battlefield V’s single-player mode will include a number of different stories packed into one overarching campaign. Battlefield 1 had a similar system of having you control a number of different protagonists to gain different perspectives on the war, and this is something DICE apparently wants to do again with the second World War. It’s also important to note that GamesBeat says the title “Battlefield V” may simply be a placeholder, and that it was also used for Battlefield 1 when that game was in development.

The site goes on to say that DICE is working on a co-op mode for Battlefield V, though it’s not yet clear what form this will take and whether it will support split-screen. Finally, it’s claimed that players can now go prone on their backs–similar to Rainbow Six Siege–while GamesBeat also corroborate an earlier report from USGamer that the game will have loot boxes containing cosmetic items only. Battlefield 1 also contained cosmetic loot boxes, but DICE’s most recent game, Star Wars Battlefront II, caused controversy last year by packing loot boxes with items that can affect gameplay.

If EA does return to WWII, it will be the first in the series set during that era for a while: the last game set during the conflict was 2009’s Battlefield 1943. The publisher is yet to comment on the recent rumors, but it has confirmed a new Battlefield game is coming this year and that it will be playable at EA Play in June. Given that’s the case, we’ll likely find out more about the game soon.

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