StarCraft’s 20th Birthday Adds Kerrigan Widowmaker Skin To Overwatch, Other Blizzard Goodies

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The original StarCraft turns 20 this month, and Blizzard is celebrating with a variety of bonuses across all of its games and more throughout the month.


Most notably, Overwatch players will be happy to know Widowmaker is getting a Kerrigan skin (not to be confused for the currently available Nova skin, based on StarCraft’s other infamous sniper). Other bonuses in Blizzard’s games include:


  • Diablo III: A Battelcruiser pet.


  • Hearthstone: A StarCraft-themed Tavern Brawl sometime during the month.


  • Heroes of the Storm: StarCraft-themed Portraits and Brawls.


  • StarCraft Remastered: A new console skin and a sale from March 6-20.


  • StarCraft II: Console skins, portraits, an achievement and decals.


Blizzard also teased another StarCraft-themed hero will be joining Heroes of the Storm soon, though they did not announce who.


Additionally, fans can catch documentary-style feature called StarCraft is Life: A 20th Anniversary Celebration, as well as a commemorative livestream on March 31.


[Source: Blizzard]


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