EvoWheel: The Ultimate E-bike Revolution

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Turn your regular bike into a zippy E-bike in just a few seconds! Travel up to 54 miles with a top speed of 20 mph with this revolutionary APP controlled eWheel for your bike. Be the envy of your friends, ditch your car and enjoy the freedom of controlling your riding experience.


The EvoWheel is the first electric bike wheel that lets you customize your ride. Choose between different riding modes to aid with the perfect workout, your commute to work or to just chillax. Best of all, the EvoWheel can be installed within 30 seconds by simply replacing your front wheel. Endless riding thrills await!

If you’re wondering whether your bike is compatible with the EvoWheel, worry not! With 6 different sizes (20, 24, 26, 27.5, 29 and 700C) the EvoWheel’s various models fit over 95% of all bikes. It even works with both rim and disc brakes for ultimate compatibility. Making the switch to electric has never been so easy!

Installation is also a breeze, taking approximately 30 seconds with only the assistance of a wrench required. Don’t believe us? Check out this video for proof.

Everyone is slightly different, so we have ditched the one-size-fits-all model in favour of full customization.

The EvoWheel’s built-in algorithm will take into consideration your weight, your bike size and your wheel size to offer the optimum amount of power specifically for you. The EvoWheel also learns more about your riding habits over time by saving your riding data and making adjustments so you have the smoothest experience possible.

Change from Traditional to eBike with a single swipe


We understand as a rider you have your own preferences, which is why the EvoWheel offers 5 different riding modes to assist you in the ways you find most pleasing.

If convenience and comfort is your ultimate goal, then reaching for your phone to adjust settings may grind your gears. Thus we have created the Heads-up Display Unit, a Bluetooth compatible, bike-mountable display screen that shows you riding speedpercentage of power outputbattery leveltotal riding distance and total riding time. You won’t need to fumble with your phone any longer as the display lets you also manage your power output by tapping on it.

Not everyone has the same needs in mind, which is why the EvoWheel comes in three models: City, Commute and Touring. As their names indicate, they provide different ranges. In addition, each model comes in two variants based on which region you live in.

We’ve ensured that charging the EvoWheel is simple, easy, convenient and fast. Plug your EvoWheel in anywhere, be it at home, at work or even at a café, and in an hour you’ll be completely recharged and ready for your next adventure.

Safety is paramount when riding an E-bike and the EvoWheel is designed to keep its riders safe. You can set a speed alarm to trigger whenever you go over a certain speed so that if you get carried away, you can be reminded to play it safe. The EvoWheel is also self-diagnostic and warns you of problems it may encounter in the future.

Combined our team has over 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles from scooters, to hover boards, to now the electric wheel. We have our own engineers in house that design the electric circuit board and troubleshoot all the nicknacks of the EvoWheel. We also have a very solid manufacturing partners that who have over 20 years of experience in working with electric vehicles. We believe by combining our vast experience will prevents us from running into the pitfall of not being able to deliver a product on-time like other crowdfunding projects. However, while we can’t foresee the future, we will ensure we keep all of our supporters in the loop as we progress through production from sourcing raw materials, all the way to taking deliveries of the batteries being used in the EvoWheel. Your trust is very important to us as a company, and we will not risk anything to break that trust.

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