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There were always only two possibilities for skaters. Either they opted for higher speed and renounced better grip or the other way around. However, that means one decisive factor was always missing. By developing a whole new technology according to international CIC standards and the World Federation F.I.R.S, we combined more speed and more grip into one skate.


The gripSPEEDER is the worldwide first speedskate equipped with a real chassis. Without the wheels the chassis comes to a weight of only 277g. The gripSPEEDER has two ultra-light, relatively hard speed wheels in the front and rear. Those are mounted on a lightweight suspension fork made of titanium. Three small lightweight and softer grip wheels are mounted in the middle. The small grip wheels can be replaced by rain wheels as well.

Our speed wheels are the only ones with a rim made of aluminum and also the lightest 110mm wheels with a weight of only 136g on the market. 




The small wheels in the middle have a distance of about 4 millimeters to the road at rest. When riding the skates, the grip wheels in the middle area start to grip only when pushing or cornering. The result: Lower friction in the long gliding phases since only the two speed wheels are in use at this point.


On conventional skates you usually stand above the wheels. Due to a lower foot position the gripSPEEDER allows the skater to transfer the power directly to the road. No loss of energy, no extra power the rider needs to spend.


With the gripSPEEDER you experience an incredible degree of comfort while allowing a safe skating. The gripSPEEDER got tested through speed skating champions and we made sure we reached all safety standards.

Tobias Hecht (Triple German Champion) & Sabrina Rossow (European Marathon Champion) explain the advantages of the gripSPEEDER and the very special function principle of the chassis.



Until we reached the final gripSPEEDER we designed 16 prototypes as well as 12 different types of wheels. Now, the gripSPEEDER is patent pending internationally.


The gripSPEEDER was designed according to the regulations of the World Federation F.I.R.S and can be used in races. However the gripSPEEDER is ideal for amateurs as well.



The gripSPEEDER is a new brand of funMACHINES which stands for innovative and unique high-quality sports equipment for more than 30 years already. We combine our enthusiasm for sports with the passion for constructing new developments.


We will collect all shoe sizes at the end of the campaign. Please let us know if you need help in finding your size.


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