PaMu: Waterproof Wireless Earbuds -Never fall out!

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Auto-Pairing simply removes these earbuds from the charger and connects them with your smartphone and you are ready to go in just seconds. • Intuitive Touch Control with Microphone – play music and take calls, leaving your smartphone in your pocket. • Ergonomic Design – stay comfortable while knowing they will never fall out. • Waterproof – designed to keep rain and moisture out to keep you focused on your activities. Starts at only $29 for a limited time and limited quantity!


PaMu is the closest thing to what people have always wanted in a sports earphone – a pair of lightweight and compact earbuds that stay connected, stay in, and sound amazing. You can call it a technology-packed solution!


PaMu is one of the best TWS earphones in the world after comparing it with top brands including Apple, Samsung, and Bose. How can we do this comparison? Our team, Padmate, has worked in the audio industry for more than 17 years! We develop and fabricate for major brands including Monster, Intel, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Padmate has top tier engineers to develop these innovative audio products for you! We also own the best factories in the audio industry all over the world! We have done a lot of OEM and ODM programs, but now we want to go directly to our customers because we have the dream of developing the best audio devices for all of our customers.  It is now the time to communicate and serve you. This is how we can offer an amazingly low price for our early bird perks. This pricing does not mean the quality is bad, but instead we want to attract the best by offering the lowest price to our super early backers. Of course, these discounts are so big that we can only offer limited quantities at this price.


PaMu on “Monster`s Sound of Rock”

Monster’s founder Noel Lee loves PaMu so much, he is discussing future branding and technology cooperationg with the PaMu team.

Joe Perry and Iggy Azalea tried PaMu on Monster’s Sound of Rock party and loves the PaMu very much!

PaMu at CES 2018

PaMu is not only a prototype, it is ready for mass production. And people just love it at CES 2018!

True Wireless Stereo

A smarter way to play your tunes without any cords. Feel complete freedom without any interruption as you conquer your day.

Never Fall Out design delivers a comfortable experience

Other products


PaMu earbuds are designed to fit the shape of the ear. They will never fall out since we have engineered the wingtips to spread evenly around the ear, with different sizes of wingtips. Ergonomically designed earphones are tailor-made for your all-day listening experience.


Perfect clarity of clear sound, dynamic mode and stable use

Two powerful 10mm dynamic audio drivers deliver PaMu’s signature sound with balanced deep bass, without sacrificing the clarity of the mids and highs. It will feel like you are in the concert hall anytime and anywhere, music forever, run forever.


Auto Pairing

Simply take the ST-TS out of the charging box and connect it with your smartphone. You are ready to go in just seconds. No more hassles trying to pair up your wireless earphones!

Charge & Storage together

The charging case provides storage and protection to the earbuds while charging it at the same time. The case can charge the earbuds 3 times, supporting more than 10 hours of use.



Water and headphones typically don’t play nice together. However, we found a way to make this happen. By using a water-repellent sealing design, we keep the inside dry and fully functional. These earbuds aren’t afraid of sweat or rain — and now bad weather can’t be an excuse to skip a workout.


Pocket Size

Weighing just shy of 6 grams each, these pocket-sized earbuds fit perfectly in your pockets and bags.


Unique way of opening




Design scratch

We are in the production stage! We are ready to ship these very soon!!!

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